10 September, 2012

Pro-Discount (Faster, Easier and Better)

Discount is  the "Magical" word that always attracts and motivates somehow. Now you can also offer discounts to your valued customers with more flexibility & ease.

Payplans already had a powerful Discount App and now you have the Formula 1 - The Pro-Discount plugin which is more faster, easier and better.

It has many advantages over previous Discount App, like:
  • Separate screen, from where discounts can be managed more easily.
  • By keeping in mind the performance factor, number of triggers for a single discount request is reduced to only one.

    Discount v/s prodiscount
  • Clubbing of discounts can also be done.
    • For eg.- There are 3 discounts coupons:
      1. XYZ (5$ discount),
      2. ABC(10$ discount),
      3. EXTRA(2$ Discount)
    • If you want :
      • Someone who used XYZ coupon code, will not be able to use ABC and vice-versa.
      • But the discount coupon 'EXTRA', can be used with any of these two: XYZ,ABC. It means, only 'EXTRA' coupon should be clubbed with any of the other discounts.

    The above scenario is made possible through prodiscount.

So it is recommended to use the new plugin rather than the prior App to get better performance and enhancements.

Switching from Discount App to Prodiscount

  • For all the active discount apps:
    - Create one entry for each in prodiscount and disable the corresponding
    App as well.
    It is easy to setup and configure discounts from previous to new, because all of the app options are also available in prodiscount.

  • If there are so many active discount coupons and its not possible to recreate those again in prodiscount:
    - In that case, create the future discounts using prodiscount without
    effecting the existing discount apps, because both can work together.

Future Enhancements

Automatic discount (No need of coupon codes) on renewal,upgrade and on each invoice, has already been implemented and will be going to release in the next, i.e Payplans 2.2.

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