PayPlans - Work in Progress to Make it Work Better for You

PayPlans is all set for its 3.5.1 stable release next week. Stay tuned!

Shyam Sundar Verma , 26 August, 2016

After PayPlans 3.5.0 beta release, we have been working on revamping PayPlans. While providing continuous support to PayPlans customers, we were also planning for the next stable release of PayPlans.

Recently, we have opened 3 of our products for Joomla community. We got many enquiries if we are planning to open PayPlans also for community development and stop its further development and support service. No, we do not have any plans to open PayPlans for community. We are continuing the development and support service of PayPlans.

We are releasing PayPlans 3.5.1 Stable next week on 31-Aug-2016. We are including new features, upgrading existing ones and also fixing the issues for this. Here are the highlights of PayPlans 3.5.1 Stable release -

  1. Support for Joomla v3.6
  2. Core changes related to Upgrade App
  3. More convenient Taxation
  4. Integration of few more Payment Gateways
  5. Updates in some of the apps
  6. In-built support for BS3

These changes will surely help make PayPlans do better work for your business. Stay tuned as we announce the release with full details.

In case of any queries, please feel free to send your request via support forum or you can also drop a comment below.

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