18 July, 2011

PayPlans : Rich Logs and History feature

If you are running a Joomla website, offering paid products, you might have felt to have something in your subscription system at which you can look for all the detailed history related to subscription. Like, who subscribes at what time for which plan or product, when payment have been done and from which IP address, what are the current and previous status of user's payment and subscription, which plan you have created, applications you and your user used for particular plans, etc.

Many times you might have thought of how easy would it be if there would be logs for every object (like for every subscription, order, payment, plan) at every object's place. This way you wont need to do tedious search for a single subscription from the complex chunk of all the logs residing at one place. Well, PayPlans have tried to resolved your problem up to a great extent.

At PayPlans, you can have logs for almost everything you and your user do related to subscription. Logs for Plans and apps you create, update or delete, any configuration changes if you make, user's subscription, order and payment logs, PayPlans installation logs if you upgrade the version, and even logs for cron job execution, all the logs with their details can be found at one place : Log view.


Just one click and you will get whole detail of respective log comparing previous and current parameters.


Tracking of events which have happened in past are now more easy with PayPlans. Along with separate log screen, logs are also provided at particular object view which minimises your effort of  looking for a particular log from the huge bulk at log screen.

Let's have a look at logs maintaining themselves at different objects-view. Starting with Configuration screen :


If you want to see logs of only Plans, you can find them at respective plans-edit page.


Now, Logs for Apps at Apps screen :


Now, just look at Order, Subscription and Payment details after user's subscription for a plan. You can get respective logs there too.

Order-Logs at Order screen :


Subscription-View :


Payment -logs at Payment-edit page :


Note :- Logs at individual screens is our premium feature, so available only with PayPlans-Premium kit and that with PayPlans 1.0 and its onward version.

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