16 November, 2012

PayPlans in Joomla!® World Conference 2012

Team PayPlans will mark its first presence this year at the first ever World Conference.
  1. Meet : Our friend "Tessa Mero" at Joomla® World Conference 2012.
  2. Innovate : Get in direct touch with team PayPlans via Tessa and Know your PayPlans.
  3. Gifts: Gifts raining for you at JWC. Claim the gifts from our friend Tessa (Representing Team PayPlans at JWC-2012)
One of the most popular and easy to use Content Management Systems in the world, has grown to power millions of websites around the web over last several years. Last year many Joomla Days were celebrated and supported marvallously round the globe. With the overwhelming support, this conference is the first of its kind in our Joomla Community. Its a community meeting, and a great starting point for getting involved in the Joomla! world. You'll gain cognition on about every aspects of the Joomla CMS, the Joomla Web Application Platform, and about the Joomla! Community, the one and only community driven by Open Source projects. I believe no pebble will be left unturned. Indeed, this conference is a benchmark.
Friends, at JWC-2012 you will be able to cherish PayPlans for three days. At the conference, you can meet our friend "Tessa Mero", for any sort of information, discussion and new ideas for your PayPlans. Yes, Tessa will be the voice out there for PayPlans and believe us, she will be having many goodies. We have requested her to reach out all our friends and fans because of whom we really exist. You can claim your PayPlans gifts from her, if you are lucky and she is not out of them ;)
At the Conference you will be exposed to detailed presentations, participate in joyful fun workshops and lots of knowledge is guaranteed. Beware, "The Joomla® World Conference" is not a one-way presenter-to-attendee conference - you will be involved in sessions, discussions and maybe even get the opportunity to give your own presentation :) For one complete weekend, the international Joomla community will meet for a first of its kind event in the Joomla world.
We request our existing PayPlans users to Mail their JWC '12 visit pictures, showing their love for PayPlans at [email protected] and we Guarantee you that we will surely reward you.
Afterall, we are working all together towards a bright future of the CMS we all love. We hope that you will enjoy with us at Joomla World Conference and as always, we will cherish your most welcomed feedbacksand ideas.
Safe Journey: Reach and meet us at Joomla® World Conference as soon as possible and claim your gifts. Hurry !!!
See you at the conference !!!
Happy PayPlanning !!!
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