06 February, 2013

PayPlans @ Mumbai-Joomla Day India 2013


PayPlans contributed to the first ever Joomla World Conference, which was held last year. We got lovely compliments from our friends and supporters there. Inspired very much from the San Jose experience, this year we are head starting by attending as well as sponsoring the Joomla Day 2013 held at the Financial Capital of India -- ‘ Mumbai ’.

Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the heart to the Indian Economy, Share Market, Sensex etc. All of which is controlled by Bombay Stock Exchange and even home to the Indian Cinemas termed as ‘Bollywood’. It’s on this expressway, of the Indian Economy that this year’s first Grand Joomla Day is to be held.

Joomla Day India 2013 and PayPlans Team at Mumbai Sealink

Mumbai Sea Link

We all are very excited to attend the Grand Day on 9th and 10th of February. Specially when we will be able to meet our Joomla buddies. Till now I had not been able to visit the Joomla Days but used to enjoy the awesome experiences from my teammates. Now, I am bubbling away to meet my joomla buddies in real and get to know new people, their joomla beliefs and exchange of thoughts and definitely get to cognize a whole new perspective of Joomla usage.

Joomla Day India 2013 and PayPlans Team at Airspace of Mumbai

Airspace of Mumbai


As a matter of fact in the Joomla Day program two of the talks are going to be given by the PayPlans’ team.

On 9th February

Puneet Singhal will be addressing the masses on “PayPlans”. He has been through all the development stages of the product, has brainstormed the issues at our support forum and has helped handled the version releases. He will be sharing his insight on “PayPlans”.

On 10th February

CEO, Shyam Verma will be sharing his thoughts on “Lets be a Joomla! Entrepreneur”. He himself is a one at Ready Bytes Software Labs, guiding the team with his perceptiveness. He also wishes to extend his understanding to the masses -- for ways one may use to contribute back to Joomla rather than the conventional ways.

Joomla Day India 2013 and PayPlans Team at Scenic view at the historic Haji Ali Mosque

Scenic view at the historic Haji Ali Mosque

If you are planning to visit the historic Mumbai on the specific dates of the Meet-up then, please do remember to give us a tap on the shoulders, you will recognize us easily. Just look for the PayPlansâ„¢ logo on T-shirts. It would be very honorary for us to meet you at the event.

Joomla Day India 2013 and PayPlans logo on t-shirt

PayPlansâ„¢ logo on T-Shirt

See you at the Joomla Day India 2013 !!!

Happy PayPlanning !!!

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