PayPlans 3.5.2 Is Released

Use it to experience improvements in PayPlans

Manisha Ranawat , 21 November, 2016

PayPlans 3.5.2 is released yesterday with some improvements. It includes updates in PayPlans core and Apps. As always, we want to keep improving PayPlans - your favorite Joomla subscription management system, so that it can work better. Here is the highlight of improvements made in this release -

  1. Too Many Redirects Issue in Latest Joomla Version : This issue is related to changes in the Joomla core functionality. They were not performing expected actions while fetching a value. So, it was not working fine in PayPlans registration. This issue has been fixed and now PayPlans registrations works without any problem now.
  2. Quick Registration : PayPlans was having a validation issue in quick registration process. This issue related to regex validation for username is fixed. We also made changes in Joomla API for showing captcha.
  3. AUP app : Updated AUP app as per AltaUserPoint (Previously it was alpha user point).
  4. Sagepay : The issues in this payment gateway app are fixed.
  5. Mailchimp : After changes in the Mailchimp API, the app is updated.

What is Next?

We received few requests from our customers to add more payment gateway apps in PayPlans. We are currently working on them and will release some payment gateways in upcoming weeks.

Download PayPlans 3.5.2 »

Download and use the latest version of PayPlans to get an improved experience. In case of any queries or concerns, please feel free to send your request via support forum or you can also drop a comment below.

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