03 July, 2013

Payplans 3.0 Alpha Release

A Developer Preview for PayPlans' Responsiveness

Since the release of Payplans 2.3, we were analyzing our support forums and views of customers, most of them requested for customizations and tweaks to their payplans template. They wanted their site to glitter User Interface and responsiveness. Market research made us believe that User Experience and User Interface are creamy layer of a component. Even the position of a checkout button can affect the probability of selling of goods.

Understanding the UI requirements in PayPlans', we have come up with alpha release of PayPlans 3.0.

What you get in Payplans 3.0,
  • From Customer's perspective:
    • Responsiveness in frontend as well as backend
    • Improved User Interface
    • Effective validation
  • From developer's perspective:
    • Code cleaning.
    • Legacy code removal
    • Latest JQuery
    • Fields compatibility with joomla 3.0
    • Proper dumping of Logs in files to reduce database size.

Now, last but very important, from our customer's perspective.

Everything has two sides, bright and dark, so with all these good changes, something which is not good, is also present in it.

  • Alpha release is not error free. We are continuously working to make it error free.
  • We have 120+ apps in payplans, still few are remaining to move from params to field compatibility and UI fixes.
  • UI and UX changes are very likely to change until stable release.
  • Instability, in terms of css and js.
  • Still working on polishing things in backend as well as frontend.

If your current site is in stable mode and you have already did some customization, then we recommend you not to switch immediately on Payplans 3.0. You should wait for Payplans 3.1 for better functionality. Payplans 3.0 is for those whose main concern is responsiveness and to follow latest trends.

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