22 May, 2013

PayPlans 2.4 Stable, More User Friendly

More User Friendly

I am feeling a great pleasure to announce the public release of the awaited 'PayPlans 2.4'. Yes, PayPlans 2.4 version is now out publicly.This version of the membership/subscription system for the Joomla website strives to get more user friendly and more easy to use. The system is easily configurable and provides flexibility to use with any Joomla extensions.

Well, couple of blogs before I mentioned team PayPlans’ RoadMap for the first Quarter of the year ( April - June ). This blog targets to mention the features achieved in this Stable release of PayPlans 2.4. Lets have a quick look at some of the exciting features in the series:

PayPlans 2.4 Stable’s Special Features -

  1. Exporting Database in CSV format -
    Now, the Subscription details, Payment details, paid/ unpaid invoices etc will be easily and effortlessly exportable in the . CSV format. This feature will be of immense benefit in the accounting purposes if you are needed to print hard copies of all your daily or yearly incomes. As here in India, at the 1st of April of every year we need to pay all our taxes and show an self attested proof of the Ready Bytes’ income. At this particular moment this feature will really save us a lot of time. “Yes, we ourselves use PayPlans for all of the transactions done till now between you and us.☺”

  2. Searching database in the backend is now more simple and intuitive -
    Cross Table Filtering for the data is now implemented. In it, the data from one table will be available for search in another table.

    Simply speaking it will avail a new search module in the backend making the searching more intuitive as well as powerful. For example you need to search a user’s transaction details and all that you remember is some starting initials of his user name. We apologize that up-till now this easy search facility was absent in the backend. So, the searching is improved and now you can search by your choice may it be user ID or simple registration name.

    You may try the new upgraded search field available on the subscriptions, invoice and the transactions screen present in the PayPlans backend.

  3. PayPlans is compatible to PHP 5.4 -
    In the last 2.4 beta release of PayPlans I wrote a simple passage describing in short the usefulness of upgrading to a latest server side scripting language (PHP 5.4). Well, here I would only like to mention that this release of subscription system is also completely compatible to the latest PHP 5.4 and you can enjoy the benefits if you wanna upgrade to PHP 5.4.

  4. New templates for notification emails -
    PayPlans has an unique ability to send automatic emails to your subscribers on the various occasions like pre- expiration or post-expiration. Now, a pre-designed template complete with the written newsletters is available in the notification mailer settings. All it needs is adding your company logo and sending it.

  5. Some Major issues : Cron Issue, Invoice Counter issue solved -
    PayPlans has various automated Cron job setups, whose sole task is to keep verifying the subscription expiration details and send automatic notifications through notification emails if it’s set. In the rare event the crons were sometime trying to run out of sync. So, with this release the cron setup code is rewritten and packed more innovatively to work error free with no future issue of any incompatibility.

So, friends these were the updates from us for the Stable Release of PayPlans 2.4. We hope you enjoy the new release and let us know your Judgement for PayPlans.

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