26 February, 2013

PayPlans 2.3.7 with better user experience


We’ve been always keen on improving the product quality as well as end user experience for our products. This release of PayPlans 2.3.7 is a live wire example for our commitment to you. In this release, many automated UI features have been added to pep up the web usability on your website. No matter your site is viewed over any screen resolution and all the responsiveness thanks goes to the Joomla 3. Is your site Joomla 3.0.3 R3ADY?

In this PayPlans 2.3.7 release we wrapped intelligence for you in the free flowing codes of PayPlans. Now, PayPlans itself will help you in performing many tasks that was earlier a bit tedious to achieve for the users. Let me assure you some of the many features here, and I thought I’d ask you: What’s YOUR best idea that you need in PayPlans coming versions?

  • After applying 100% discount, payment method will be disabled in case of fixed plans not for recurring plans.
    It’s a brand new automation available in PayPlans. Once you allow a 100% discount maybe because of any promotional offer or any random choice then there is just no need for any payment system in the invoice. It will only confuse the end user. So, PayPlans has this smart feature to make life simple. You need not activate or do anything to achieve this feature its already there for you.

  • In Backend Screen : Invoices of wallet recharge will also be shown.
    Earlier PayPlans had the feature to display the invoices for the real time transaction only but individuals who were using our revolutionary wallet system to maintain their transactions were facing trouble in maintaining records. So, we developed the Invoice system to also work with the PayPlans wallet.

  • In Authorize App, now admin can select which optional fields to show in front-end such as company name, fax number,etc.
    PayPlans is completely integrated to the payment gateway Authorize.net and now you will be in complete command of displaying the optional field’s which are visible while making a payment. So, you can now tailor the Authorize.net registration page on you site.

  • K2 App is compatible with Joomla 3.0
    PayPlans integration app with the Content Construction Kit (CCK) K2 has been made completely compatible to the responsive and ultra modern Joomla 3.0

  • A new Payment Gateway.
    CCBill payment gateway integration has been successfully evolved in PayPlans. It is a fine addition to the list of our other Payment Gateways on heavy user demand.

  • PayPlans 2.3.7 is also compatible to the Mosets Tree 3.0 version.


These were some of the features out of many in PayPlans 2.3.7 release logs that I took the liberty to elaborate to you. So what do you recommend for a quick feature in the PayPlans future versions to help you relax or rejuvenate?

Leave your ideas in the comments below, and let’s help each other build a more better PayPlans for you !


Download PayPlans 2.3.7

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