26 December, 2012

PayPlans 2.3 Stable Release

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas Fellows!

Your wishes always lead our ways and due to that, today we are releasing the Stable version of PayPlans 2.3. Santa gifts you PayPlans 2.3 not only with Joomla 3.0 compatibility, but also with some additional features. We already made you familiar with the features to be provided in PayPlans 2.3. Few of them include:

  1. Joomla 3.0 Compatibility: This time we just geared-up PayPlans with Joomla 3.0. Thus, all upcoming releases will also be compatible with Joomla 3.0. This pin-up is ready to go and fully responsive for mobile devices, tablets, and normal computer screens.  

  2. Language Plugins in App-Manager: In earlier versions of payplans, if there were any upgradation in language strings then it was required to completely upgrade PayPlans. So, in order to get rid of such overhead, language packs are being introduced. It will manage language strings of PayPlans as well as its apps. From now, you will just be needing to update the language plugin from App Manager. We are working to provide more language plugins in other translations also. So keep checking the App-Manager. 

    PayPlans 2.3 Stable release: Language Pack in App Manager

  3. Emailer App Templates: As you all are aware of Notification Emailer App, through which you can send your custom content as mail to your customers, as per your requirement. Now we have also introduced template emailing, which allows you to mail directly without any typing. ;-) We are continuously working on its UI and very soon more of these templates will be designed for more generalized occasions. Wait and watch....
Notice for 3rd party developers: As Joomla 3.0 dropped the support of using  in xml file, so we have also decided to adapt this change for some time and added a layer to support  as well as , the use of will be discontinued in our future releases. So from now, start adding in apps for testing, to make your apps adaptive with payplans releases.
While testing, enable test mode by changing value of constant 'PAYPLANS_TEST_MODE_FIELDS' to '1' in file root->components->com_payplans->includes->defines.php. So, developers we are waiting for your valuable feedbacks. Well, this is all we have for you till now. Signing off with a promise to come up with more updates soon.

Ciao, Cheers!
Happy PayPlanning !!!

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