04 December, 2012

PayPlans 2.3 Beta Release

With the release of Joomla3.0, many of our new customers had a common question in their mind that when will the PayPlans be compatible with Joomla3.0 ??? So friends, here is your answer. You all will be happy to know that PayPlans 2.3 release is compatible with Joomla 3.0. PayPlans 2.3 and onwards releases will be compatible to Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0.

PayPlans Stable release date:

  • PayPlans 2.3 stable - 18th December 2012. 


Joomla 3.0 compatibility!

Joomla 3.0 is new version of Joomla and contains some significant changes in code and UI as compared with its earlier versions. And PayPlans team has been continuously working on it since 1 month to provide compatibility. With this release, we have also removed deprecated code of PayPlans that was specifically done for Joomal1.5.

Note:- PayPlans2.3 and further releases will not be compatible with Joomla1.5.

Email Templates:- Now email can be sent through templates. All you need to do is, selecting a template according to your purpose. It will also facilitate you to design your custom template. We have also added a new functionality in emailing i.e. you can also send emails at cart abandonment after the specified time.

Language Plugin:- Which will help in managing languages and reduce the efforts for translators. With this, now customers can easily install new releases app without having language translation issue. They just need to update their language plugin.

Apart from that, we are working on :

  • Improvements in App manager like reduce the loading time or Apps, view the rating of apps and many other which will be provided till the stable release.
  • Improvements in backend dashboard.
  • We have also improved performance of PayPlans (load time has been reduced upto 300 milliseconds) and also various bug fixes, UI improvement and css related issues have been done.

Apps:- PayPlans has number of apps that helps you to provide additional functionality. It has always been an important part of PayPlans. Payplans has now 100+ apps with it. In continuation with these increasing numbers, you will find various apps like:

  1. JReview:- Which allows restrictions on Listings, Images according to the category of the user.
  2. Kissmetrics:- Facilitates administrator to track PayPlans’ events with Kissmetrics.
  3. Donation App:- Allows users to donate money to your site.
  4. Plan Modifier:- Allows administrator to sell same plan with variations in prices and expiration time.
  5. Imaqma Helpdesk:- With this, you can put your user in a client restrict knowledge base and number of tickets to be submitted by the user according to the subscribed plan.
  6. Mailster App:- By using this app you can assign users to one or more Mailster Group on the basis of their Subscription Status.
  7. Clockwork SMS Notifier:- Allows you to send SMS to your customers on various status and expiration or activation of subscription using your clockwork SMS account.

We have also provided integration with payment gateways like:-

  1. Ogone:- Ogone is one of the leading European Payment Service Providers. The company delivers fully integrated solutions for managing electronic payments in several domains including e-commerce. It supports fixed,recurring and recurring+1 trial plans.
  2. CCBill:- CCBill is an Internet billing service. CCBill provides billing services for a variety of subscriptions and services. It also supports fixed, recurring and recurring +1 trial plans.

These payment gateway are in testing phase and will be release before PayPlans 2.3 stable release.

NOTE:- These apps will also be compatible with PayPlans 2.x series.

We have been continuously working on other improvements. If you have suggestion or feedback related to it, then you can reply below in comments. Your suggestion have always been valuable to us.

Soon we are coming up with stable release of PayPlans 2.3. Until then, Stay tuned with us.

Happy PayPlanning!!!

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