30 May, 2012

PayPlans 2.1 Thumpings

As we promised you that legacy of PayPlans 2.0 (stable release) will be carried forward by PayPlans 2.1 so, keeping our promise we are hastening towards it. Your every breath is bringing near the release of PayPlans 2.1. Here, we will be letting you know about few of the exceptional features which will be available with PayPlans 2.1.

Note: Please, don't get extra-nervous, over-excited, over-delighted or any over-reactive because PayPlans 2.1 will be having much more features than discussed here. So, we want you to be safe for the day of release too.

  1. RTL (Right to Left ) | (Left to Right) LTR
    Yes, you will be equipped with a mirroring weapon of PayPlans 2.1. It will be capable of switching the alignment (left or right) of the display screen of your PayPlans 2.1 kit.


  2. Administrator Becomes More Powerful
    With PayPlans 2.1, the administrators will be able to upgrade and renew the subscriptions of their customers form the back-end itself. It will be beneficial for the users who are not able to upgrade or renew their subscriptions from the front-end.

  3. Wallet
    Your wallet with PayPlans 2.0 has prepared itself for being supernatural with PayPlans 2.1. It will be fully loaded with the functionalities to store the extra amount you wish to store in it. Your payments will be stored in the wallet and upon your choice your subscription's amount can also be consumed from the wallet itself. Thus, if somehow you forget to pay for your recurring subscription, then the amount can be deducted from the wallet (depending on your choice) which will ease your pressure for recurring payments too. Hence, from now you will not have to worry that much about your money matters.

  4. Discount !
    Again an ergonomic solution for administrators. We will be gifting you a separate plugin working for discounts, a separate window to manage the discounts and a separate ability to control the applicability of different coupons on a certain invoice.


This is not the end yet! These above features are just as trailer of the upcoming release of PayPlans 2.1. We wish that you will enjoy the upcoming version of PayPlans at its peak. If you missed the previous release of PayPlans 2.0, then just Click Me damn hard.

Signing off for now, Cheerio!!!

Happy PayPlanning!

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