25 July, 2012

PayPlans 2.1 stable release Out!

Yes friends, PayPlans 2.1 stable release is out. This time we have come with many more exceptional exciting features to PayPlans, OR you can say now PayPlans is now like a fully grated, well cherished yummy Ice cream and is ready to be eaten (implemented). You will find it to be more simplified, bug free, with additional functionalities and also with more compatibility ratio. And this all is a result of your unwavering patience. PayPlans team thank you for your support and kind patience.

Not taking much of your time I would like to unpack your gift quickly. The vital features which you could find with PayPlans 2.1 stable  release are :

1) "Orders" merged with "Subscriptions"
Earlier, PayPlans' whole of the process was based on  the basic entity i.e. Order but now the whole scenario has been generalised by reducing the complexities between order and subscription. Now, no order tab could be found at the back end as well Order would  not be displayed anywhere at the front end. But in actual, order will be playing its code at the back.Moreover, at the backend Orders and subscriptions tabs have been merged into a single tab.

2) Improved backend Dashboard:

You would be able to notice many display changes at back end. Basically you can observe...

  • Change logs made can be directly tracked from GITHUB instead of visiting payplans site again and again.
  • All new updates will be displayed at the backend dashboard itself.
  • Significant errors and warnings could be observed too.
  • Broadcasting of all latest updates from PayPlans - twitter.
  • Dashboard charts are now more accurate.

3) Wallet Recharge and Paying from it:
Wallet reflects the amount which has been paid ( maintained ) by the user. It's user's balance account which is maintained locally in PayPlans. So, customer can store certain amount in it and when their subscription renewal time arrives, calculated amount will be deducted from their wallet itself. To activate this functionality in your PayPlans kit, you will be required to use "Pay by Wallet" App and set some configurations at PayPlans configuration screen.

4) Upgrade from Backend:
From now onwards, Administrators will be more empowered and can upgrade the subscription of their customers from backend too. At initial stage, it was possible from front end only.

5) Auto login Plugin:
Now, you can avoid the headache of re-logging after subscribing the plan. This plugin will enable you to automatically log your customers into their accounts after they have done with the payment generated through invoice.

6) Content Hider:
Its the time for you now to maintain privacy for your article’s content. Simply use {payplans} and {/payplans} tags at the beginning and at the end respectively. You can hide your full article as well a part of it.

7) Installation with just a click:
PayPlan’s 2.1 stable release also provides you with the facility of more easy and quick installation. You have to just click the “install” button and the rest of the process will be done in a nick of time.

8) Better Discounting with Pro discount:
Pro discount is a plugin which simplifies the process of discounting. This helps in creating event triggers quickly and speeds up the computation involved in discounting. We recommend you to use this plugin if you have more than 10 active discounts.

9) Routing Fixes:
PayPlans has now coped up with the issues, which confined the user from getting redirected to appropriate links of PayPlans. For this, the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs will serve you at their best, all the fixes have set to done.

Apps Released

1) Subscription Detail App: With this, you can have subscription details at both front as well at back end.

2) Acajoom: It is a component for newsletter used for assigning users to newsletter groups such that they can receive emails according to the configuration done in the app.

3)Social Discount App:  with this customers can have certain amount of discount simply by like,tweet or +1 at social networking sites.

For better services we provide documents and tutorials for payplans .You can refer them too. If you still have any more queries, it will our our pleasure if you query us at [email protected] .And don’t forget to comment your opinions below.

Bidding away from you for a short time, By the time you use stable PayPlans 2.1!

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