04 July, 2012

PayPlans 2.1 Beta Release

Focusing on making things simpler for you and your customers, we are providing PayPlans 2.1 with various simplifications. Truely, PayPlans 2.1 has carried forward the legacy and is out now with its beta version. Earlier, we made you familiar with the outline of PayPlans 2.1 and this time we are handing it over to you. It is equipped with lots of new features and we wish that you will cherish their implementation at your end.

Fundamental Features

  1. Wallet Recharge:
    Your customers can recharge their wallet by adding certain amount in it. This will be helpful when a subscription requires to be extended at the time of its date of expiration. At the time of expiration, even if someone forgets to pay for extending the subscription, then the wallet will extend the subscription by paying the required amount.

  2. Pay by Wallet:
    Wallet acts as a virtual wallet for your customers. This time we are providing with a functionality to pay for your customer's subscriptions by their wallet. They can store certain amount in it and when their subscription renewal time arrives, a calculated amount will be deducted from their wallet itself. To enable this functionality in your PayPlans kit, you will be required to use "Pay by Wallet" App.

  3. Upgrade from Back-End:
    PayPlans 2.1 also comes with a functionality which will allow the administrators to upgrade the subscriptions of users from back-end itself. Earlier, this functionality was available at the front-end only.

  4. Improved Discounting :
    From now, we are providing a plugin (Pro Discount) which will enhance the performance of discounting procedure. Earlier when you created different discount apps, they took considerable time to complete their task, but the plugin provided with PayPlans 2.1 will create event triggers and speedup the discounting tasks.

    • If you are using 10 or more discounts, then we recommend that you use this discount plugin. Disable all the discount apps and set the discount value in this plugin.

    • Also, you can enable/disable multiple discount codes from the configuration tab available at the back-end.

    • Administrators can give discounts from back-end itself. If you give xx.yy% discount then percentage discount will be applied. Else, xx.yy amount (according to currency) will be applied as discount.

  5. Back-End Dashboard:

    Major changes have been made on the dashboard visible at the back-end screen of PayPlans.

    • The setup checklist has been moved to configuration tab. If there exist any error after the installation procedure, then it will be shown at the dashboard only.

    • Installing sample data can also be done from 'Import Data' available on 'Configuration' tab.

    • Essential user information will be shown on the dashboard.
    Thus, you can say that, we have cleaned the back-end dashboard's view and it looks better than before.

  6. Merged Order and Subscription tabs:
    In this version of PayPlans, we have combined the orders screen with subscriptions screen. Earlier, it was little bit tiring to create an order, apply subscription to it, adding invoice and then transaction. But, now you just have to create a subscription, add invoice and add transaction to it. This has simplified the way of creating subscriptions from back-end.

Apps Released

  1. Subscription Detail App: As the name specifies, it will be able to show details of subscriptions at front-end and back-end, both.

  2. 2CheckOut: This time it is provided with single checkout screen rather than multiple checkout screen which appeared previously.

  3. AcaJoom: It is a newsletter component which assigns users to newsletter groups and they can receive emails according to the configuration done in the app.

  4. Social Discount App: This app connects you with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When a customer reaches "Confirm Invoice" screen if the customer likes, tweets or +1, then the customer can receive certain discount on sharing it with social networks.

Meanwhile, we have also started a Tutorial series of PayPlans where you can learn more about this membership software product. Also, if you want to give feedback, add certain tutorial or any other document, then feel free to comment there.

We wish that PayPlans 2.1 will be much easier to use. If you feel that a certain document, blog, app or any other entity is not serving your purpose upto the mark, then you can reply there itself. Your valuable and most precious feedback will be of our prime consideration.

Signing off for now with a promise to come up with stable release of PayPlans 2.1 as soon as possible.


Happy PayPlanning !!!

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