08 May, 2012

PayPlans 2.0 Stable Release

Take your seats, tighten your seat-belts and put a full stop to all your anxieties, excitement and desire, as we have launched PayPlans 2.0's stable release. We are pretty sure that you will have a heavenly experience of this new release. The super applications, wonder plugins and magical modules are ready to pop-up themselves out of the box and illuminate your websites with their appropriate use.

Here, we are providing you with a newly built architecture, eye-soothing interface, playful experience of different applications and most importantly, Customer Satisfaction is what we basically focused upon. Now, you don't have to bother about your migration from other version of PayPlans to PayPlans 2.0 as we have resolved it too. Now, its much easier for you to breathe with PayPlans 2.0 because we are providing migration from PayPlans 1.4 to PayPlans 2.0 too. It will surely be a scintillating experience for the people who are currently working with PayPlans 1.4.

The fundamental changes which you will face with PayPlans 2.0 are:

  1. Handy Payments: Doing payments was never as easy to breathe. With PayPlans 2.0 we are providing the flexibilities of invoices. Now, the customers can pay recurring payments by using offline payment application too. Also, if a customer hasn't subscribed any plan but still wants to use a certain service, then the administrator can send separate invoice for that service to that customer. After that, the customer can pay upto the requirements of the service. So once you start using PayPlans 2.0, you just need to sit comfortably, keep your hands behind your head, place your leg on the other one and relax.

  2. Modifiers: Another functionality embedded with PayPlans 2.0 which prevents the administrators from banging their heads for adding taxes or giving discounts on already existing plans. Modifiers allow you to add additional taxes for giving extra services to customers or overwhelm customers by giving them discounts which didn't pre-exist with the plan details. Sooner or later, we are looking forward for time modifiers too (it's on our roadmap).

  3. PayPlans Installer: From now, its easy for you to install PayPlans 2.0 with the use of installer we are providing with this release. For installation manual visit here.

  4. Multiple Invoices: Good news for administrators, they can download multiple invoices (in bulk too) from now onwards. The invoices will be in Portable Document Format (PDF).

  5. Theme Builder: This feature of PayPlans 2.0 allows you to create your own themes for your web contents. The package "PayPlans 2.0 Professional" embeds this functionality of building your own themes. You need to enable theme builder plugin to use this functionality. Internally, we have already provided 35 themes for you (you can consider them as gifts from us). For "PayPlans 2.0 Premium" users, premium themes are available for their appropriate use.

  6. MaaS (Migration as a Service): Yes, you got it right! From now, you will be able to easily migrate from any other membership system to PayPlans 2.0. Also, your important data and other required details will be fetched to PayPlans 2.0 from the source membership system. (Poke!) That's true, you are not dreaming.

You can view change logs here. As we already provided you with the alpha and beta releases of PayPlans 2.0, we hope that you are pretty much familiar with the latest features and functionalities which we are going to provide with this latest release. If not, then you can refer the posts for AlphaAlpha 2 and Beta releases.


The statistics of development of PayPlans 2.0's Stable release are as follows:-

  • Number of employees: 16
  • Number of tickets completed: 129 or more
  • Number of commits: 1500 or more
  • Number of hours spent: 3792 hours or more


Your satisfaction, well wishes, love, praises, suggestions and motivations are leading our path and paying as an honour for this we are moving forward to PayPlans 2.1. It will possess much more functionalities, few of them we are working upon are as follows:

  • XML to JSON conversion of parameters
  • Merge installer with PayPlans
  • Improvement in user interface
  • JS/AJAX request queue
  • Re-structure logs
  • Re-structure EU-VAT
  • Re-structure dashboard of PayPlans
  • and many more yet to come...

That's all about PayPlans. We wish and hope best for you while using PayPlans 2.0 and we believe that it will be a twinkling experience for you. In case, you get any query or problem, you can ask our support team which is available 24x7 for you. Below, we have direct links to access the latest release of PayPlans i.e. PayPlans 2.0.

Important Message: Just for caution, we suggest you to maintain backup of your website before installing PayPlans 2.0. Also, those who are migrating from PayPlans 1.4 to PayPlans 2.0 will face loss of all the customizations they have done in PayPlans 1.4.

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Have a delightful time ahead, signing off for now. Chao! Chao!


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