09 March, 2012

PayPlans 2.0 Release Dates Announcements

Since it's been a long time we didn't provide any updates related to our core development section, we are here to make some fruitful announcements to our customers. After PayPlans 1.x series, our team is soon going to come up with a next generation of PayPlans i.e. PayPlans 2.x series.

PayPlans 2.0 will be an evolution from the cocoon of PayPlans 1.x series. An introduction of a whole new concept with lot more easiness will be the main attractive points of 2.0. Surprises will be opened timely. For now, we would like to disclose approximate release dates of PayPlans 2.0.

PayPlans 2.0 Alpha release : Around 20th March, 2012
Beta release : 3rd April, 2012
PayPlans 2.0 RC : 17th April, 2012
Stable release : 1st May, 2012

So stay tuned with us and keep updating yourself with latest happenings in PayPlans.

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