18 April, 2012

PayPlans 2.0 Beta Release

PayPlans 2.0 has reached an another milestone. Yes, PayPlans 2.0 beta has been released after few weeks of rigorous testing at developer's end. Now we are quite excited as we are coming close to our stable release. With major core level changes, over hundred of bug fixes have been done.

Let's have a brief overview of modifications and features you are going to get in 2.0 beta release :

1. Now you might be aware of the names PayPlans Installer and Wallet system as we have already introduced them during Alpha release. PayPlans Installer helps you in migrating from v1.4 to v2.0 and wallet system is a whole new concept which is the soul of v2.0. Refer PayPlans 2.0 Alpha2 release blog to know more.

2. Invoices will be available to download in pdf format. End users as well as admin both can download invoice. Admin will have an advantage of downloading pdf invoices in bulk also, which have been generated within selected period of time. You just need to install pdf invoices plug-in of PayPlans to use this functionality.


3. Enhancement in renewals : Now if user renews subscription in which he had a trial plan, then trial will not be available again on renew.

4. We find renewal and user detail plugin as usually needed plugin so now they will be available inside PayPlans kit. No need to download them separately.

5. We have implemented theme builder by which themes of required color combination can be developed. Large number of already developed themes will now be available to premium members of PayPlans. And theme builder itself will be available to professional members of PayPlans.


6. All the 70 apps have been refactored according to the architectural changes brought in PayPlans.

Major changes from developer's point of view :

1. We introduced modifiers in PayPlans. Now it has taken the charge of any modifications done on subscription price. Like how much discount and tax applied on user's subscription, on which subscription it is applied among recurring subscriptions, whether discount is applied during renewals or not, etc. So now discounts and tax are more smarter.

Now there are lot more possibilities opened with this feature. In future, any type of modifications can be done. A large no. of apps can be created which can make use of modifiers.

2. Xi framework isolation : Earlier we have a base framework called Xi framework that is developed on Joomla framework and on top of Xi framework, we developed PayPlans framework. So developers got messed up while coding between Xi and PayPlans framework. As a solution, we isolate the two frameworks and have profited with lot of advantages :

  • Since direct dependency of PayPlans on Joomla does not exist anymore, so changes occurring in Joomla will not directly affect PayPlans functionality.
  • PayPlans efficiency has been increased, speed has been improved.
  • This isolation of Xi and PayPlans framework have controlled introduction of bugs upto a great extend.
  • Third party developers can easily develop apps for PayPlans based on PayPlans framework and can also develop other components based on Xi framework without any interference of PayPlans.

3. Grid system is now used in CSS of PayPlans framework. We are using standard jQuery UI.

4. Earlier we used our customized AJAX but now we are using standard AJAX of Jquery.

Documentation is in progress. Within a week or two, it will be finished. We have tried to implement a whole new and advanced concept with 2.0 series. It has not made any changes from front-end user's point of view but it may take sometime of you to understand it well. But once you get handy with it, you will come to know benefits of introducing this concept and it will become damn easy for you.

So we would like you to use it freely on your test sites and understand it well till its stable release. All your ideas, issues and feedbacks are most welcome.

NOTE : Beta version is freely available. Don't use it on your live sites. If you are already using PayPlans older version, then please first upgrade to latest version of PayPlans 1.4 and then install PayPlans Installer 2.0 beta. It will automatically install PayPlans 2.0

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