24 November, 2011

PayPlans 1.3.0 (RC) now Available!

We are glad to announce that PayPlans 1.3.0 RC is out. This release is packed with some most anticipated features along with lots of restructuring and polishing of PayPlans Apps. Major improvements are brought with respect to user interface to provide friendliness and flexibility.

We are hoping v1.3 as one of PayPlans major releases. Over 200 commits have been done together with bug fixes. We tried to achieve many of our set targets for 1.3 as stated in one of our previous blogs.

Now, let's take a closer look at what PayPlans 1.3.0 RC brings to you :

1. Upgrade feature : Now user will be able to upgrade from one plan to another in few clicks. "Upgrade" plug-in allows you to make upgrade app with which user can switch from his currently subscribed plan to an upgraded plan.



2. Parent-Child plans : If you want to display some special plans to users only if they have already subscribed to some another plan, then parent-child functionality would be of great use. So this feature allows you to set parent child relationship of plans with which user will be able to see and subscribe child plans only after they have active subscription of parent plans.


3. Widgets on My Dashboard : PayPlans 1.3 is providing you great flexibility of showing widgets on My Dashboard screen. All the details of user can be shown through these widgets. Now, all the order details of user will be displayed here. Along with this, you can make widget app for any of the currently enabled integrated apps like for upgrade app, user detail app, Joomla user type app, Docman app, K2 groups etc. It will allow user to view all his details related to download access, user type, etc on single screen only.


4. User Detail Plug-in and App : It allows you to ask anything to users like their details, etc while they subscribe to any plan. You can also ask user different things as per plan. Like you may like to ask different fields to users who subscribe to Plan1 than to users who subscribe to Plan2. Refer our previous blog if you missed reading it.


5. Apps Restructuring and Migration : Till PayPlans 1.2, admin has to make separate apps for different subscription status. Like if you want to assign Joomla usertype  lets say "Special" to users on active subscription of Plan1 and if their subscription status is hold or expired, then you want to assign suppose "Ex-member" usertype.Then, in v1.2, you need to create three apps for three subscription status.


Now, in v1.3, you won't need to create separate apps. By creating an app only, you can assign different Joomla Usertype on different subscription status of Plan1. This approach now exists in all the integration apps.


6. UI enhancements : You will find major user friendly enhancements in order checkout screen and dashboard at frontend and some minor changes in order detail screen of user. Widgets at Dashboard will give new look to your "My Dashboard".

Following features are coming soon with stable release of PayPlans 1.3 :

7. Integration with Kunena Forum : Now you can block users to visit particular category of Kunena forum as per their subscription. Suppose you want to block users who subscribed for free plan to visit category which should only be accessible to paid members, then it's possible now with PayPlans-kunena plug-in and app.

8. Integration with Ninjaboard : This app allows you to put users into ninjagroup as per their subscribed plan. Through this, users will get access acco. to respective ninjagroup.

9. Integration with Acymailing : Plugin allows you to assign different mailing list to users on relevant subscription status of plans.

10. Integration with Jnews : You can assign jnews mailing list to users as per their subscription status of plans.

11. Integration with Phoca Download : It will allow you to give access rights and upload rights of categories to users according to their subscription status of different plans.

12. Alert Pay App : One more payment app is introduced which allows users to pay through Alert Pay gateway.

Stable version of PayPlans 1.3 will soon be available in market. We hope you will like all these features. Good Day!

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