01 December, 2011

PayPlans 1.3 is out!

PayPlans team is pleased to announce the availability of  PayPlans 1.3.0. After Beta and RC release of PayPlans 1.3, PayPlans v1.3.0 is now stable and finally ready to support your sites with enhanced, unique functionalities and better user interface.

Upgrade from v1.2 to v1.3 can be done without any pain. You just need to download v1.3 and install it. But still we would like to advice you to first upgrade to latest version of PayPlans 1.2 (if you are using an older version of 1.2) and then install v1.3.0 just in case. And that's all about upgrading to v1.3!

With lots of fixes and restructuring, this release holds some major required functionalities like upgrade of subscription plans, parent-child relation of subscription plans, dashboard widgets ,etc. as we stated in our earlier blog. Along with these core features, we promised you to provide free plug-ins which provide integration with other components like integration with Kunena forum, Jnews, Acymailing, Ninjaboard and Phoca Download. So, here we are, follow this link to checkout all the integrated plug-ins.

To view the whole list of bug fixes and feature additions, please visit our changelogs.

Currently we are working on our documentation part to document all the newly added features. Go through our documentation section to make yourself more clearer with the functionalities of PayPlans features.

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