28 September, 2011

PayPlans 1.2 Released

It's feel great to announce the launch of PayPlans 1.2. With the goal of providing essential and unique features in every-month release cycle, Payplans 1.2 has tried to live upto your expectations. Trapped with lots of major and minor features, some captivating UI enhancements, extra plug-ins to integrate with, payments restructuring, this release is going to be one of our major releases.

In spite of being a major release, upgrading to PayPlans 1.2 will be a breeze. You just need to upgrade PayPlans to latest of 1.1 versions (i.e. 1.1.8) before heading over to PayPlans 1.2.

Our last few blogs would have given you the clue of what major will be brought forth in 1.2. In case you missed reading them, you can refer to Get Progress Charts at Dashboard, New approach for Trial & Set-up Fee and Do more with PayPlans Apps.

Listing below all the newly added features :

Core Features

  • Trial / Start-up Subscriptions : Setting up trial subscriptions or charging start-up amount can be done through any of our existing payment gateways (PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net) irrespective of gateways' limitaions.
  • Display currency in symbol : You can display currency as per your choice like in fullform or in ISO code or as a symbol. For eg. : US Dollar or USD or $
  • More user Details at User edit screen : Now save more details of an user on its edit screen at backend.
  • Recurring Cancellation option for Authorize.net : You and your user both can cancel further recurring payments from backend (at user's order edit screen) and from frontend (at My Orders detail page) as well.

Plug-ins and Integration Apps

  • Implemented Advance Tax (European Union - VAT) : Till PayPlans 1.1, basic tax is applicable. Now EU-VAT plugin allows you to create corresponding app to make it applicable.
  • Integration with K2 : You can restrict users from accessing any category or put them under certain K2 group on their subscription status basis using this plug-in.
  • Integration with JUGA :  JUGA app and plug-in put users into JUGA group on the basis of their subscription status.
  • Community Builder Registration Plugin : If you use CB registration, then this plugin allows your users to register through Community builder registration process for subscribing a plan.


  • Charts and Reportings : Display of Revenue chart and Sales by days chart at admin dashboard (by default). Flexibilty of placing these charts on other module positions too.
  • Enhancement in Susbcription module : Now you can decide no. of subscriptions you want to be displayed, whether only active subscriptions list should be displayed or expiration list also.

Enhanced Features

  • Post Activation and Post expiry Mails : Notification mailer app now offers you to send mails after selected time period of subscription activation and subscription expiration as well.
  • Restricting user to reuse discount coupon : You can restrict reuse of discount code by the same user through discount app.
  • Discount only for first time among all recurring payments : If you want to provide discount on price only for first time (like for first month payment) and dont want to continue to be applicable on further recurring payments, then discount app provides this flexibilty.

UI improvements

  • Apps Categorization : Selection of an app for creation from the long list of all the apps is more easy. Apps are put under certain category as per their behaviour.
  • Global Search : Earlier quick search was only available at dashboard. Now it's available at every view in PayPlans backend to let you search from anywhere and that with soothing  UI changes.

So checkout PayPlans and let us know how you find this release. Keep growing with us! Have a good day.

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