11 August, 2011

PayPlans 1.1 Released

We are proud to announce that PayPlans 1.1 is publicly released. Along with Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6, PayPlans is now ready enough to support your Joomla 1.7 sites. You will find some new core functionality in this pack in addition to various feature enhancements. With over hundred of commits, this release involves large number of bug fixes too.

Without wasting time anymore, just checkout if these are the features you are waiting for! Let's take a quick tour of what PayPlans 1.1 brings new to you :

Core Features :

  • Joomla! 1.7 compatibility : If you are thinking to switch onto Joomla!1.7, PayPlans membership system won't create any hindrance. You can use PayPlans for Joomla 1.7 sites.
  • Grouping of Plans : Certain plans of same category can be put in a group to make their visualization more clear. So any number of groups with their child groups can be created.
  • Recurring Payments through Authorized.net : Previous release allowed PayPal and 2Checkout recurring Payments. Now recurring Payment is also possible through Authorize.net in PayPlans.
  • Bulk Subscription extension : If you want to extend the subscription time of any active subscription or subscription which gets expired, here is a functionality to extend subscription and on top of this , any number of subscriptions can be extended in one shot.
  • Content ACL App : It allows you to block your articles, section or category from being viewed by users based on their subscription status.

Feature Enhancements :

  • Quick registration asks for Username and Email : Till now, only email-id was required to be filled during quick registration and automatically username based on email id got generated. Users didn't have the flexibility to decide his/her username. So keeping this in mind, quick registration will now ask for username and email-id both from PayPlans 1.1 onwards.
  • Logs limitation at your interest : Now you can limit logs from being created for any object and save unnecessary database usage. Like if you want to block logs for apps, then you can do this by a single setting in configuration.

Apps, Plug-ins and Modules

  • Basic Tax plugin and app : PayPlans now covers tax system also. There is a separate in-built plugin for basic tax. You need to create apps for taxation to make it work.
  • PayPlans Subscription Module : It displays brief description of all the active subscriptions of a user when s/he is logged-in.
  • Override User Activation : Do you want to send verification email only for free plans or Do you want to activate user's account without sending any verification emails? Any such option is possible through a parameter given in auto-registration plugin.

User Interface Improvements

  • Gorgeous Corner Badges on Plans : PayPlans provides some awesome corner badges to highlight your plans using CSS suffix. Go here to know more in detail
  • Invoice Refactored : There are some UI changes in invoice to make it more clear.
  • Multiple select box script improved : PayPlans Backend select boxes like Plan selection box in app screen includes some remarkable CSS fixes.

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