05 July, 2011

PayPlans 1.0.0 Beta Release

It's month starting and here we are with a good news of one more release of PayPlans. A new version is in your way to explore! Yeah, it's feel great to announce the beta release of PayPlans 1.0.0. Stable release of PayPlans 1.0.0 is scheduled on coming monday. Beta release is done as some priority issues arose in payment system just before its time of release. So instead of providing stable version, we decided to first release a beta version of PayPlans 1.0.0. And right after one week when we will be enough confident to let you use on your live sites, we will mark it stable.

This time PayPlans is introducing some special features with compatibility to latest version of Joomla also but remember it is intended to be used only for testing purposes. Take a glance on key features which you will find in this release:-

1. Recurring Subscription system through PayPal and 2Checkout (through authorize.net coming soon)

2. Joomla! 1.6 experimental compatibility

3. Integration with Moset Tree

4. Logs and History for almost everything you and your user do with respect to PayPlans.

We hope this release will have covered almost all the major features for which you have waited a long to see in a Subscription system. This is a summarised list of PayPlans 1.0.0 features. Detailed explanation will soon be in front of you on stable release. Till then, enjoy new features and let us know with issues you come across.

NOTE :- Compatibility with Joomla! 1.6 is tested upto a great extent but it's advisable to test it at your end before being confident with Joomla 1.6 especially.

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