03 June, 2011

PayPlans 0.9.1 Released

We are super excited to announce the most anticipated and stable release of PayPlans 0.9.1. With over hundreds of commits and 90 approx. bug fixes, this is our first major release of PayPlans which will provide commercial support to its customer. PayPlans  0.9.1 will itself prove you that backbreaking work have been done in past few weeks.

Previous releases were out for testers only.. Now from this release onwards, PayPlans will be ever ready to be used at your live sites and facilitate you with its dynamite features and painless user interface. While adding features, our developers also kept in mind our customers suggestions and ideas which they suggested while testing PayPlans Beta releases and some of the features are in our road-map too.

A glimpse over major feature additions :-

1. Registration Plugins : Separate plugins are now made available for registration processes in PayPlans i.e. plugins for quick registration, registration through Joomla and JomSocial. These plugins can also help you in integration with other applications.

2. Migration Provision : All subscription information of your site users who have earlier subscribed through AEC or Ambrasubs can easily be migrated to PayPlans through AEC and Ambrasubs migration plugins.

3. Logs and History : Any changes or modifications made in configuration, plans, apps, orders, subscriptions and payments are maintained under logs and history.

4. 2checkout and Authorize App : In addition to Paypal, you can also allow your users to pay through 2checkout and Authorize based on your payment process.

5. Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking App : This app integrates your website with google analytics which allows you to see detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.You can have detailed view of your buisness market growth.

6. UI improvements : Configuration and order detail view are no more complex. Settings in configuration page are put under particular sections to make it more easy and simple looking. Order detail page is now more eye-soothing and easy to understand.

What're our next plans for 'PayPlans 1.0' ??

  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Tax System for orders
  • Parent/Child plans
  • Moset Tree integration

If we find any other priority feature too while working on PayPlans 1.0, then it will also be implemented and in addition to features, we will always try to offer you incremental changes in UI with our every release. So stay tuned with us as many more interesting features are yet to come with PayPlans.

Know more about PayPlans through our documentation section. Your feedbacks and ideas will surely be appreciated.

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NOTE:- Support will be provided to paid customers only.

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