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PayInvoice Roadmap for July - September 2014.

Manisha Ranawat , 25 June, 2014

Our simplest invoicing tool for Joomla is round the corner with fresh new feature updates and changes. It has been quite a time since we first launched PayInvoice for Joomla. We learned a lot about people’s expectations as well as their requirements. We will be incorporating most of the demanded features.

So, let us have a look at what is waiting round the corner.

Upcoming features in the next stable release.

As per our release cycle the next stable release of PayInvoice is due in the last week of the upcoming September and we are preparing to deliver the requested. Let have a look at the upcoming features.


We know that your business needs you to send multiple invoices, many invoices and lots of invoices over the short duration. So, finding back a specific invoice for any specific date or a client should be a very easy one.

Considering the exact scenario PayInvoice backend will be equipped with a smart filter to filter out the required invoice. Have a look below in the screenshot and you will definitely get a feel of what I mean by the term filter.

Backend Invoice filter in PayInvoice Latest stable
Backend Invoice filter

Offline Payment:

PayInvoice is integrated to many payment gateways from around the world -- Still, many uncharted payment gateways are remaining to be integrated by us.

We believe that this should not be the sole reason for anyone to be unable to use PayInvoice. Considering all the requirements we will introduce the offline payment app. It will enable you to send invoices or a legal bill for any purchase at your end and collect money via any offline method if a suitable payment gateway is unavailable.

Multiple Export:

One of the important functionality of any ecommerce component is it’s easy going compatibility with the accounting department.

To fulfill this gap PayInvoice will be having the functionality of bulk exporting, the PDF copies of your online invoices.

Email Templates:

With the new release, PayInvoice will notify and keep you and your users updated about the statues of the invoices. for eg an instant mail will be send to your users if they pay an invoice.

For the specific scenario (based on the statuses of the invoice) we will provide inbuilt templates for you to choose for the occasion.
point to be noted: A PDF invoice can also be attached with the email notifications

Payment Gateways:

Payment gateways are the lifeline for the easy flow of income. Currently PayInvoice is integrated to 9 PGs but we will be working and bringing in more and more PGs with the next release.

An open secret -- For the reference of the upcoming PGs you can have a look at the available PGs in PayPlans☺. It would be very great if you place your preferences for PGs before us. We would love to oblige.

Frontend user dashboard:

PayInvoice backend has an efficient dashboard for easy tracking of the income flow. From now on the front end users will also be able to enjoy a their personal dashboard.

It will show them the status of their each and every invoice and will also aid as a reminder for any needed reference.

Frontend Dashboard in PayInvoice Latest stable
Frontend Dashboard

So, these were the major upcoming highlights for PayInvoice. In later stages we will also revise the pricing model of PayInvoice.

Currently PayInvoice is a free tool with paid apps and no technical support. But we will be converting it to a paid product complete with the technical support. But that is a talk of another time and we will keep you updated with the development.

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