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Anjan Dhar , 15 May, 2013

We are thrilled to present our newest product PayInvoice; with the official announcement of the alpha release we are glad to be able to add a new Gem to our PayPlans® network. PayInvoice is simply an invoicing system a basic need for any entrepreneur or a large scale business owner.

Get PayInvoice Free of Cost !

PayInvoice is designed by team PayPlans® to serve you. To serve all your invoice sending needs. We have been actively designing and working in the ecommerce domain since last two years with our popular product PayPlans®. You may also refer to PayPlans® Joomla Extension Directory (JED page).

Our Vision

Right from the beginning our goal has always been to simplify as well as beautify the cumbersome and fearsome e-commerce domain. We all know that earning more and more is a very pleasant task, but keeping an accurate and timely account statement of the same is quite a tedious one. So, with this vision in mind we designed PayInvoice to extend the tractability of transactions for you and help you compile your income via invoices. Moreover, PayInvoice will aid your users to pay you more effortlessly without any need of logging in but with complete security, resulting in more income in your business.

Pricing Model

Currently this release of PayInvoice is only in Alpha Phase. We are continuously striving in our R&D section with new features and effortless invoicing techniques, but we have arrived at two fixed pricing models which will remain constant with all the upcoming releases of PayInvoice.

  1. Freemium - As the name suggests product will be freely downloadable and unlimited usage will be allowed for unlimited time. Individuals who will choose to go with this model will be freely allowed to use Stripe Payment gateway integration with PayInvoice.
  2. Paid - Ready Bytes is an Open Source product based company and we will remain that way. So, PayInvoice will remain free of any charge, always. In this model we will only charge for-

       a. The users who wish to purchase extra integrations with new Payment Gateways.
       b. Wish to enjoy the luxury of our official support.
       c. Need enhanced functionality other than the basic ones.

Requirements for using PayInvoice.

  1. PayInvoice is completely based on Joomla, compatible to both the 2.5 and 3.0 versions
  2. PHP requirements are 5.2.4 and above; till 5.4.14
  3. Web Server version compatible to the complete Apache 2.x series.
  4. MySQL version supported from 5.0.4 to the most recent 5.6.11

What to expect in the future releases?

This is an Alpha release, completely free of any charge. We strongly recommend you to try this version side handed and get a good feel of what is to arrive in the coming Beta and then stable release.

We pondered over and arrived to a common mental value that in the future releases we should add-

  1. A brand new dashboard in PayInvoice: The dashboard will help in automatic notification to you for the statuses of each and every Invoices and much more. In short a centralized control point.

  2. Export functionality: This functionality will be a boon to your accounting practises, as the invoices created in PayInvoice will be easily exportable in .PDF and .CSV. It will make printing the documents very easy for you.

  3. Accounting/ ERP Software Integrations: In future, PayInvoice will be made capable to transfer invoices into the accounting softwares in just a click or requirement, eliminating errors and the need for separate data entry.

These were few of the features that we thought and they will arrive in light at a point of time in the future releases. In fact, the thinking process is still very very raw as we have not yet decided which features to mark as paid or free. All we know is that we are immersed in shaping a product that will help solving the basic invoicing need of any one and with utmost simplicity in Joomla :)

PayInvoice Homepage

" Moreover we would request you to place your valuable ideas below, in the discussion. It will help us know your needs. "

Thank You.

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