PayCart : Making Dent In E-Commerce !!!

A online shopping cart system from the house of Team Ready Bytes.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 12 December, 2013

“ Even a novice user will be able to enter into E-Commerce world and start an online business to sell products.”

This is the basic motive driving us in the development process of our products and specially PayCart. Since the inception of Ready Bytes, we have always tried the best to improve the usability and scope of Joomla in E- Commerce domain. It reflects in our efforts so far. We have been known in our Joomla family for dedication towards the excellence and dedicated support for our products. Obviously the credit goes to our dedicated team members and our kind customers.

PayPlans has evolved to become the best membership software available in Joomla since last 2 years. During the development process of PayPlans in these years, we have confronted with many aspects of E-commerce and learned about its complicated implementations. Which we wish to implement all in the development of PayCart.

So, What is PayCart ?

PayCart is a shopping cart system specifically for Joomla.

“A Shopping Cart is a piece of software that allows a site owner to display the goods available to be sold on his website. It even facilitates a website visitor to select items for eventual purchase. After the visitors are done selecting the products of their choices a shopping cart also calculates a total for the complete order, including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.”

PayCart is being designed with utmost care and precision keeping in mind the requirements and requests from our users on our Google Group for PayCart.

PayCart’s Google Group

Why we are developing a new Shopping Cart system?

We have been long in the process of research and developing custom shopping cart solutions for many of our users. With the help of PayPlans and our team, many customers were able to launch their custom shopping cart scenarios.

After analyzing their problems and requirements we felt that most of the Joomla users adjust with various E-commerce applications and a line striked our team the most -

“ There is no best shopping cart, however there is one best for your specific needs. ”

We took the line literally and were determined to develope a very flexible system. One that can be very easily customized from user to user specific needs. It will be made possible only by incorporating the stateless design technique in PayCart.

What to expect from PayCart ?

We feel very proud to take this course of action as we predict that in the upcoming time Joomla will slim down on UI/ UX to further enhance the usability. Currently most of the site speed in Joomla is crunched up in processing the Joomla libraries and theme (if you are using the default one).

So, PayCart is being designed carefully with our time tested, RB framework. Carrying forward the heritage of PayPlans- PayCart will be the most flexible and secure product of all time. It is only a product. Infact, currently we are just coding up our way in the PayCart and the UI is developed apart.

While designing PayCart every decision is made on below guarantee -

  1. Awesome User Experience
  2. Simple and Minimal by Design
  3. Super Fast and Heavy Performer
  4. Customizable and Extensible
  5. Mobile friendly right from the start.

PayCart shopping system will be based on service base designed pattern. While incorporating the stateless design will make every entity independent and easily scalable,expandable as well as customizable.

How I can participate in the development process?

The first public release of PayCart is expected in February 2014 and we need your help to get the things in the plate as per your requirements and likings only.

You are the most important participant of development process and you can guide us with your insight by:

  1. Identifying the issues which require legal compliances in your city/state/nation. e.g Europe requires sequential invoice numbers for all paid invoices.
  2. Validating PayCart’s adaptability against your requirements of a cart workflow. For e.g. Your workflow does not require users to register first, so you can always inform us on the Google group.
  3. Validating languages used, localization, product layout etc. e.g. testing the multilingual capability of every features.
  4. Verifying the presence of all features which are required for day-to-day operation in PayCart, like one should be able to generate weekly/monthly tax report easily for the smooth operation.

All the suggestions and modification can be communicated to our technical team directly by the PayCart’s Google Group. So, anyone willing to join hands in the development process can reach us by using the group link. I would also recommend you to subscribe to our Newsletters and you will never miss any update from us.

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We will be providing step wise workflow, development status graph, exclusive mockups for our PayCart group members. So, that members can easily analyze PayCart and get a complete feel of it.

No registration or approval is needed to join the Group ✌ but your support is anticipated by us.

Let’s create a wonderful shopping cart for you.

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