PayCart is now integrated with 2Checkout, CCAvenue and Pin Payments

PayCart can definitely help you boost conversion with its numerous payment options for your customers

Rimjhim Jain , 22 July, 2015

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to payment. People with different demographics often use different options to pay online. There is always a friction during payment process because money comes into the picture. This can not be removed but it can be eased significantly. If user finds a payment option of their choice, they are most likely to complete the checkout process. Whereas, they may end the checkout process if they do not find their desired payment option. An unsupportive payment option is one of the major reason of cart abandonment.

PayCart has considered this aspect for improvement of cart abandonment rate and overall shopping experience. This is one of the ways to improve the checkout process. PayCart has recently integrated 3 new payment gateways and now offers 16 payment gateways for your online store. And all these integrated apps are offered for free with PayCart.

You only have to download the app and configure it. You can then start using it to offer more and more payment options to your customers.

The recent new additions to big list of PayCart supported payment gateways are -

  1. 2Checkout - 2Checkout is one the most popular payment gateway which accept payments globally in near about 197 counties across the world. They Accept multiple payment methods including Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards. They are PCI Level 1 compliance with more than 300+ fraud rules and 14+ years of industry experience.

  2. CCAvenue - CCAvenue is Fast, secure & one of the best payment gateway for Indian Online merchants. In CCAvenue you will get 100+ supporting payment options which help you to connect with your customers across multiple channels in multiple supported currencies.

  3. Pin Payments - Pin Payments is Australia’s new, all-in-one digital payment system. It Accept credit and debit cards, face-to-face or across the world. The best thing is that you don't need any merchant account. It is known for its simplicity - Simple pricing + Simple signup.

With a variety of options for making online payment, PayCart can definitely help you increase the conversion rate and reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly.

If you would like to add more payment gateways in PayCart’s supported payment gateways, please leave us a comments and we would surely consider it in our upcoming enhancements.

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