PayCart: E-Commerce Solution For Your Needs

An online shopping cart system for your daily use.

Manish Trivedi , 04 June, 2014

We designed PayPlans which is an online membership system. Now, we are upcoming with PayCart, “An online shopping cart system, for your easy use”.

The basic idea of PayCart was introduced to the Joomla world in our blog post, ”PayCart: Making Dent In E-Commerce !!!”. We are very happy to receive a warm welcome for our upcoming Shopping cart platform -- PayCart. We have already included many of the ideas given by you at our official google group for PayCart.

PayCart’s official Google group

Sleek user interface.

While designing PayCart we researched a lot over various platforms & experimented with many existing solutions as well. In the end we achieved 3 major enlightening facts, I believe these will help your business growth too-

  • PayCart is a shopping cart system which is visited by new aspirant buyers everyday.
  • Recent market trends point towards the growth of smartphone users.
  • People love to browse web in their portable devices on the go.

Simply combining all the 3 points above we came to a conclusion that, “PayCart needs to be designed mobile first”. It means that the complete frontend UI of PayCart is mobile friendly. Use it on desktop, laptop or your adorable palmtop PayCart will just work smooth ensuring your store’s popularity.

Mobile first is dealt as the most priority achievement for the frontend designing of PayCart. The responsiveness is attained by using the bootstrap version 2.3.

Below, you can also have a glimpse of what is to arrive in PayCart.

PayCart’s product screen for the desktops

PayCart’s mobile friendly product screen

Another major point to be noted is that PayCart will be released compatible only to the Joomla 3.x series. As with this series of 3.x Joomla made its way in the responsive side of the web designing.

Multilingual by design.

We are designing PayCart to be a multilingual product. Designing from the core has been done while considering the easy adaptability for any language string.

Well in its very first release we won’t be providing the direct user interface to integrate new language strings, but it will be available preceding the second release of PayCart.

E-commerce is lame without proper taxation standards.

We have designed PayCart with a vision of international usage and to achieve this feat we have implemented the-

  • Responsive design.
  • Multilingual capabilities.
  • Adopted proper E-commerce standards.

Since PayCart is an Open Source shopping cart system it means that it will need to handle all sort of economical transactions and consider the international tax systems to provide seamless facilities accordingly.

In its first release PayCart will implement the usage of various taxation standards used worldwide like VAT, EU-VAT, Service Taxes, Surcharges, Flat Taxes etc.

PayCart’s product checkout screen

Easy to understand.

The basic core motive while developing PayCart was simplicity. The major question was how to achieve it? How to get a flow induced in PayCart that everyone will find simple to use?

Our queries were solved by Joomla itself. We are developing for Joomla and our users are already aware of the Joomla working. So, the best way to incorporate simplicity was to inherit Joomla inside PayCart instead of developing a new wheel, for example we inherited the Joomla override, Media management, template management system for a start.

It means our users will not need to educate themselves about using PayCart.

Flexibility in third party development/customization.

We learned from our past and implemented in PayCart. We strongly believe -- to develop an app in PayCart you need not be a master in PayCart’s code. You need not waste time understanding the basics inside the code.

PayCart is based on the stateless designing technique. In very short -- it will aid a fresh developer in developing a tax, discount, payment gateways or shipping integration etc without the need to know the internals of Paycart.

A developer will just need to use the params given by Paycart and process it according to the fixed process of integration.

The best part which we should not forget -- PayCart is Open Source like all of our products. It will definitely aid in the process of free development of the third party integrations.

Expect simplicity.

With the expected release of PayCart’s first version in August 2014 we can assure you that our shopping cart will carry less but very much required features.

It was only possible because of the feedbacks we received. We specifically engineered what was required as well as requested by our dear users.

It will definitely be making the first release of PayCart the user’s release. For the users and from the users.

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