New Home for Ready Bytes Family!

Seed root with Havan on office Inauguration Ceremony

Shyam Sundar Verma , 07 November, 2014

We are carrying a little glowing candle of hope in our hearts, that is continuously burning, to light our path of growth. And this candle now have a strong shelter to fight with wind and storms.

We feel happy and proud to invite you to our new home for this Readbytes family. We are moving to our new office space for new energy, environment and expect great future possibilities.

Today we are doing “Shree Ganesh” of our new home.

About 8 months ago we have started to build our roots in Bhilwara and Today ie on 6th Nov we had celebrated Inauguration Ceremony of our new office.

Ready Bytes was born in the City of Textile- Bhilwara 5 years ago with a small 250 sq ft area, and we are glad that with the tenure of these 5 years we get placed in heart of our customers. We’re very grateful to all the team members and ex- employees for their determined efforts to expand us and set up locally.

Now our new space is ready for our custom Rituals - Havan, and very soon we’re going to move here.

Hawan help us to make our spirit like Agni.

We started with India's rich culture - Havan and Diya.

Havan Ceremony is performed to fetch all the positive energies inside the office and in the surroundings. It's a simple and a healthy process which gives us peace and quiet of mind.

In this great Hawan we pray to Agni - - the God of fire - to cleanse our body, mind and soul of all sins, to keep our spirits high like Agni.

One of the very important mantras of the Hawan when translated into English reads:

May all be blessed with Happiness,
May all be free from diseases,
Blessed be all with Nobility,
Freed from sorrow and misery.

The afternoon was marked with appetizing food and good get together of all closed one's after followed by Havan and long day prayers.

The celebrations are over, but the happiness isn't.
One word that describes the opening: Spectacular!

Not available for support on 6th and 8th November

With having such beautiful moment in minds, we will get engaged in our office Inauguration ceremony and shifting on 6th and 8th November. Due to this we are not available for support for these 2 days.

Among other things, we’re looking forward to meet our new neighbors and environment.
And we promise you to come up with more energy with this new environment.

Our Team always considered our office as the most comfortable and safe place to reside in and due to this we have achieved this success. Appreciate efforts of all Ready Bytians.

Now it’s time to do better - better and Best !!

Thank you Friends :)

Havan on office inauguration
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