28 September, 2012

New Feature : Micro-subscription

Great news ! If you always wanted to offer hour based membership to your users... it's just few clicks away with Payplans, a membership software.

Micro-subscription: It's a unique feature which has been recently introduced in PayPlans ( Micro Subscription is a unique feature supported by PayPlans only, till date). Using the micro-subscription feature you can create membership plans which can expire in a matter of hours or even minutes if you choose so, rather than days.

With the power of micro-subscription you can open ways to increase your revenue from your website.

  • You may update investment tips regularly, want to sell access to these tips for 3 hours, with PayPlans its DONE.
  • You have recorded few great video tutorials, want to sell access to videos for 12 hours. with PayPlans its DONE.

When to use micro-subscription ?

Answer is simple, consider using micro-subscription each time when you wish to sell the contents which have a shorter life span or has high information quotient for a fixed time.

What to take care while using micro-subscription ?

  • The payment gateway you want to use should support real-time updates (send payment notification immediately, rather than processing it once a day. Few gateway deducts payment on specific time only, say 2.00 AM, avoid those !)
  • Expiry of membership is done through cron-job execution, we recommend to set Cron-Frequency=High in PayPlans Configuration.
  • Products & Services to be sold by micro-subscription should have online access. Instant access to your services will increase customer satisfaction and trust.

So what are you waiting for, go and give it a try. Its available since PayPlans 2.1.6


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