18 February, 2012

New Apps in App Ville

We all have come quite a way with PayPlans. After PayPlans 1.4 release, we have taken a major step towards new series of PayPlans, PayPlans 2.0. So our team is dedicated in developing v2.0 as well as constantly creating various integration apps on demand of users. For now we have added three new muscles to the wings of our PayPlans 1.4 to provide smooth ride to our customers.

So let's take a look at what App Ville brought new to you :

  • MySQL query App
  • Http query App
  • User Preferences App

MySQL query App : If admin wants to execute any MYSQL query on the basis of user's subscription status then he can use this App. In this App there is an option through which you can execute any query either on the same database or on some different database also.


Http query App : This app sends out HTTP request to a URL to get certain variables from the URL on the basis of the subscription status of the plan subscribed by the user. You can pass GET variables with the HTTP query to that URL.


User Preferences App : Using User Preferences App, user can submit his preferences- such as Business Name, Shipping Address, Business Address. After creating this App, you have to create a DashBoard Widget for this App so that user can view and fill desired information.

Earlier user preferences were available in core code which was made to visible everytime on my dashboard screen. We now made a separate app for this so that admin can use it if required.


Its Front-end view after user filled up his / her in user preference :


Along with these three new apps, two more apps which will provide integration with payment gateways are in testing mode. We will release them very soon. Till then, take full advantage of these useful apps and that too free.

For requesting more integrations or features in PayPlans, you can post your ideas on http://jpayplans.ideascale.com/

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