Meet the PayCart Quickstart Alpha

Download and Install - Store Gets Live :)

Gaurav Jain , 30 October, 2014

Last week, we have released our first ever version of PayCart — a so called Alpha version — which allow developers, designers and Web Admin users to exploit and play with it.

Alpha version is considered as “the elephant in the room that nobody talks about”, but here it has different approach where users are eagerly involved and very much interested this is why we used "so called Alpha version".

The approach to build PayCart is quite different , we have tried to map customers need to build this product.

Majority of decisions has been added on basis of user’s thoughts while considering best to meet deadline of product. It might be possible that we have skipped some popular feature for now, but whatever is delivered is done with Innovation, feel it - "Minimum Features, Maximum Experience "

A Paycart Guide -

Just 1 step to set up your Online Store :

Setting up an eCommerce store is not easy, have to do a lot of tasks starts with - Download and Install kit, Set up Catalog, Create Group Rules, Set up Payment Gateway, Create Tax, Discount and shipping rules, Then set up notifications for customers. And then a sound occurs Finally done :)

Realizing it we have provided quick-start zip package. This zip contains entire Joomla Installation, PayCart extension, personalized sample data set up for Catalogs, created Group, Tax, Discounts and Shipping rules with completion of customers notifications on different actions.

What you have to do is just 1 thing - Download our quickstart package and Install it - Done.

We have developed it so we are judging it as a whole picture now, so sometimes it get hard to focus on small things and we may miss them. To overcome this we need your cooperation to make a smart robust product.

We understand that Customer feedback is a vital part of our business and product growth, as your opinion’s tell us that in which area we excel and which area need to improve.

Don’t stop Now - Come up with your open minds Ideas and Share your feedback with optimize process delivery.

Customer Feedback Channel :

  • Support Forums - A perfect place to Ask one question and everyone can simply find the answers. For Alpha, it don’t required any subscription, simply register yourself and enjoy a big knowledgebase pool.

  • Emails / Contact us Form - Inbox meetings are other good options for pressing issues. So you can send using your personal mail to [email protected] or send using our Contact Us Form.

  • Social Media - With the rise of social media, it get’s pretty easy to provide feedback. Directly connect with us and share your words to setup your online business.

  • Post a Comment - Simply the easiest, available as you need it just below this blog.

Your feedback will definitely reach to our ears and heart which can be truly considered for improvement.

We love to praise customers who go to the extra mile of the commendation they deserve?

Pin down your Experience and Feedback :)

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