22 August, 2013

JoomlaXi Roadmap: A peek in the future

With Jomsocial 3.0 stable release all our passionate subscribers are waiting for their lovable products. Joomlaxi a trusted brand of more than 30,000+ satisfied customers is on his way to provide  compatibility with latest Jomsocial 3.0.

With the movement and enhancement in the fields of social networking domain, we have modified  our splendid shaped products. With this, we want to share with you an approximation time about the JoomlaXi product's compatibility to the latest Jomsocial.

Product updates in this Quarter- (till September end)
  • Jomsocial Profile Type (JSPT)Starting with one of our most demanded social networking product - Jspt is almost done with the first phase of testing and fixes. So, today we are releasing the Beta version, its almost done with all the major functionality but still its strongly recommended that not to use on your live site.
    It's packed to test and replicate your scenario in your stage site. Initially, we decided to develop Jspt from scratch but with the ease of time we decide to focus on it's compatibility rather than restructuring it. Most of the issues have already been filled and now the fixing and testing is going on. So hopefully by the end of August, the stable release of Jspt gets released. Stable Release Date: End of August 2013

Try the JSPT 4.0 Beta

  • Jomsocial Profile Completeness (JSPC) -
    Want to get the status of profiles completeness of your community members, here is your measurable and monitoring tool. Now, you can visualize and observe user profile completeness using JSPC.

    New JSPC code have been committed by our developer team and now it's in testing mode. So by the start of September, the stable release of JSPC 4.0.1 will see the daylight.
    Stable Release Date: 1st week of September 2013

Use the JSPC 3.2.11 Stable Now

  • Import Export (IMPEXP) -
    To import and export your users into .csv format from one to another version of Joomla , or you are thinking to switch your CMS to the versatile Joomla use import export. We have targeted to provide its compatibility with JSPT as well as JSPC. 

    No beta, directly stable gets released by the first week of September . Apart from this, some minor fixes have been done.
    Stable Release Date: 1st week of September 2013

  • JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS) - User searching is the most demanding functionality for any community based site. Without the searching facility it's like bread without butter. XIUS itself is a big product which includes multiple types of searchings. Work has been started to make it compatible and by the 2nd week of september, we will release its beta version.  Beta Release Date: 2nd week of September 2013

  • Free Plugins - JoomlaXi has many free products to use such as Registration Redirector Profile visitor Admin Approval Redirect to Edit Profile  Welcome Message JoomlaXi Captcha
    We always try to add value to the Joomla Usage so always keep adding free to use products and try to fulfil the expectations for your required plugins. Once we are done with our JS power pack addons, we will start working on them and try to releases them ASAP. 
Again, its a welcome hearted thanks to all of you for making Joomlaxi a brand and your trust always motivates us and we really enjoy to give our best for such a lovely customers. 
<h4>Thank You.</h4>


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