16 February, 2012

JoomlaXi February Releases!!

Welcome, JSPT3.4 and Profile Visitor Plugin, the February 2012 product releases! With Profile Visitor Plugin, we are proud to present the newest release from our software house with a good presentation for your Joomla! websites. In sequence of originating new ideas, Team JoomlaXi gives rise to new features in JomSocial ProfileTypes. JSPT3.4 is again released with compatibility and enhanced look. Both the products are furnished by attractive functionality.
Turn inside out both the Products gradually...
JomSocial ProfileTypes
JSPT3.4 Beta has been released. This release will be a great news for all customers who have been waiting for pairing JSPT with Joomla!2.5 and JomSocial2.4.2. It's not ended here, JSPT3.4 also has exciting features for reducing the complexity of administrator.

  1. Compatibility: JSPT3.4 is compatible with Joomla!2.5 and JomSocial2.4 as well as it also supports lower version of Joomla! and JomSocial.
  2. New User Screen: For bloating out the confusion between JoomSocial and JSPT users settings, JSPT added User Screen for setting user's ProfileType and Template option. Through this screen, Admin can easily search the user, filter users according to Profiletype and many more.
  3. Multi Select Option in ACL: For providing weird work, JSPT added Multi select option for selecting Profiletypes in ACL rules. Now, No need to create single rule, multiple time. You can apply one rule on multiple Profiletypes altogether.
  4. Copy ACL: JSPT added Copy ACL rule feature for giving striking flexibility.
  5. Improved SyncUp Process: No matter how much users you want to syncup with JSPT. JSPT will perform well either syncing up users first time or resetting settings of thousands of user.
Profile Visitor
Profile Visitor is a JomSocial Application. This is enthralling and discovering application for Social Networking Websites. At every social networking site, site members want to know the name of all the members who visit their profile since last visit. This plugin makes this feature simple for you.
  1. Compatibility:  The plugin is compatible with both Joomla!1.5 and Joomla!2.5.
  2. Tracking: It tracks the user who has been visiting your profile and displays all the visitors in latest first formate.
  3. Flexible Links: Using shortlinks, profile of visited users can be viewed.
  4. Incredible Customization:  Profile visitor plugin provides customization power for setting maximum number of profile visitors shown on screen.

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