19 July, 2012

JomSocial + PayPlans Save $30

Here we would like to introduce you with our well profound and familiar package popularly called as payplans - Jomsocial bundles. It is a complete package of payplans and Jomsocial that too with a super cool saving of $30.With this, you can get the most value from your money and skip the hassle of making separate purchases.

JSbundle could be defined in many ways ...

“JSbundle is a fully branded package of PayPlans and Jomsocial  which gives you the power to build membership communities. ”

Or it could also be defined as..

“Payplans is an extension which rides Jomsocial features with better control such that their high compatibility into each other leads to fully featured and flexible web sites.”

Why to have JSbundle?

You might have an query, what are the main features of the JSbundle which overcomes the other existing. Here are the following-

  1. Saves you with $30.
  2. A dual branded product, so there would be no second thought of trust.
  3. Quick and fine support.
  4. Highly compatible and masterly linked.
  5. With Regular enhancement in features via releases and updates.

PayPlans is a paid automated open source membership and out of box subscription extension for Joomla. It supports payment gateways, User access controls, discounting features, migration from different membership systems and lot more. With PayPlans, you can realise that it is...

  1. Easy to learn and install.
  2. Quickly integrates and extend with other Joomla extensions.
  3. Simplified user Interface.
  4. Well Documented.
  5. Availability of quick and fine support.
  6. Wide garden of App ville (More than 80 Apps with almost all important payment gateways).
App ville is collection of apps which are integrated with Payplans.Or It could be defined as a centralized place to find productive apps for Payplans. App ville is wings to PayPlans.It contains clear, concise and flexible apps.
Use PayPlans at your site now and get 30-day money back guarantee.

You can share your ideas at IdeaScale . But surely don’t miss to share your views and experience here itself!

See You soon with many more updates.Take care !
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