02 October, 2019

Introducing Shopout

Know earning time for every purchase

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  • Are you very fond of shopping?
  • Do you spend money blindly when shopping online?
  • Do you frequently purchase such items that are too costly to fit in your budget?

If your answer is positive or toss-up, then you are at the right place to find the right solution to these cofounding questions.

Now let’s think about how nice it would be if a tool which can help you to decide that -

  • The price of any item is apt to purchase or not.
  • How much uphill struggle you do to earn an amount?
  • What is an estimate of your income to purchase anything?

After reading this if you are feeling like “It will be great if such happens” then your search ends here. Shopout is here to help you shop smartly.

Before deep-diving into reading just understand the term “Earning Time” which will be used several times in this complete blog.

Earning Time = “How much time would be taken by you to earn a specific amount”.

For example -

  • It would take 1 Month to earn Rs. 19000.
  • It would take 5 years to earn $18990.00.

etc. Now Let’s start -

What is Shopout?

This is a kind of shopping moderator. An extension that would make you think twice before buying. When you check a product or shopping cart on any online shopping website, it will give you an estimate of earning time.

Who can use this?

Anyone who shops online in their daily life in any form on any online store like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. ( currently available for amazon only ).

Why one should use this?

One should use this to take advantage of the following features-

  • To Know the earning time for every price:-

    Whenever you visit any store to purchase something, you would be notified about the earning time of yours for any price.

  • To know efforts cost when Shop with foreign shopping websites:-

    You will be able to know the earning time even if you’re purchasing a product from foreign shopping websites.

  • To Play with Earning Time Calculator:-

    You can calculate the earning time with the time calculator to know an approximate figure for any price.

  • To Calculate earning time for multiple currencies:-

    Shopout supports multiple currencies too. You can compare the earning time for a product of different currencies.

What are the imposing features?

There are two salient features that will entice you. Detailed description is as follows -

  • Smart currency conversion:-

    If you are visiting a store having foreign currency, the earning time will be calculated accurately by converting currencies smartly.

    For example, if your base currency is United dollars and you are visiting a site that supports Canadian dollars then you will get results with proper conversion in both currencies. Just like below-

    The content in the red & green frame shows the product price & earning time respectively.

  • Quick Earning Time Calculator

    You can calculate the earning time for any price in any currency with the help of its calculator. On the other hand, you can change your commercial details to compare the results.

    Have a look below-


Now it’s time to summarize the blog. As you know now how Shopout can calculate the value of your efforts, to help you cut down your unnecessary shopping and expenses also.

But before end up a few questions and supplications for you-

  • Did you find this idea interesting?
  • Do you want this to work with your favorite shopping sites too?
  • If you enjoyed this blog post then please share it with your friends.

  • If you find this helpful in control your overshopping then please share your experience with us.

Let us know about your answers in the comment box. Shopout would keep your wallet healthy and wealthy.

Happy smart shopping and smart savings with Shopout !!

Thank you

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