05 March, 2013

Humble Bundle: An Ode to Your Joomla Love!

Humble bundle donation time period is over now!


The Humble Bundle by JoomlArt has been going on for bit a time. It's a noble cause for the community that we all belong to, The Joomla Community. Joomla is an open source community and PayPlans has joined hands with JoomlArt to come up with an awesome Humble Bundle deal that you will find useful


Humble Bundle to Raise $1 Million for Joomla Commmunity

The inception of the humble bundle lies with our partner JoomlArt. The Humble Bundle is designed with a view to donate $1 Million specifically to the community of Joomla.org. In this unique deal you will be having the power to choose everything, yes literally everything. 

  • Humble Bundle will allow you to donate with the combo purchase as per your wish, within a range starting from the minimum of $ 50 to its complete pricings $1000.

  • A complete freedom to choose from how much to donate to Joomla Family. If you are wondering, let me tell that this bundle is not a promotional offer and complete payment can be donated to Joomla. its just your wish.


Some things to note in the Humble Bundle

  • Complete technical support and help will be given by the respective company of each product, to everyone who comes within this deal. Some people may be confused that if they donate all the payment amount to Joomla, will they get the free help and support? Yes, surely you will be entitled to the privileges as any other user, infact Humble Bundle is all about helping Joomla grow. Every penny that you donate will be transferred to the Open Source Matters (OSM). OSM will use the fund for good purposes in the Joomla! community.

  • Once the payoff is completed, you will receive a confirmation email instantly with full instructions and coupon codes to access and download the Joomla extensions in the Bundle. Just remember the coupons are for single usage only.

  • A Humble Request - refunds will not be possible.

Humble Bundle is a combined effort by Joomlart as well as PayPlans to contribute a helping hand to the Joomla Project. So that we can help Joomla to grow with your help. All the money that you will be contributing to Joomla on our Humble Bundle page will be donated to OSM (This non-profit organization provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! open-source project.) So, Refunds would not be possible in this unique case.


I hope you will enjoy both the branded products with quality assurance. The offerings will last till March 11th 2013, Monday.

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