26 March, 2013

Holi: A Nationwide color party


First of all wishing you a very very huge hug and a Colorful Happy Holi from team Ready Bytes. The celebration of this color festival involves a friendly street war of colored water and powder. Holi is a nationwide party enjoyed by persons of all ages and sizes and believe me no one can keep themselves from being covered head-to-toe in a rainbow of colors, which itself has an extreme amount of Fun factor in it.

Even the Cows in the farms will get it, cops can’t get away from it and the kids are just chilling out squirting colors from their spray gun.

This festival in India is played equally by all, it bridges the social gap and everyone nationwide hits the street singing and dancing to the fast beats from the instrument ‘dholak’. Anyone who shares this party emotion is always welcomed very warmly. Clearly a party not to be missed which reconnects Indians from all walks of life with their inner child. The evening time is even more special where everyone completely cleaned of all the colors ;-) and dressed appropriately steps out again to meet their beloved ones. The market places and malls are heavily decorated with richly colored tapestry. So, many variety of sweets and goodies to devour :-). Truly a National Party Time.

So, friend I would request you to excuse us for a day so that we may get ourselves consumed completely in the colors of the festival and immediate support on any issue will not be possible only on 27/03/2013.

See ya, after a Day Break and once more a very Happy Holi to you and your beloved ones.


May Almighty bless all.

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