25 August, 2011

Get Progress Charts at Dashboard

After 1.1, PayPlans is coming up with new dashboard, holding fruitful data of your site. And what could be more advantageous if that data are charts showing your product's growth as per sales and revenue. Yeah, now you will get charts, displaying progress, as and when you step into the PayPlans , i.e. on the very first page of PayPlans.

You will find two charts on the dashboard : One of which shows Sales by Days and another one is for revenue generated within a period. Sales by days chart will show you all the sales of respective products happened within 7 days or in a month, 2months, 6 months or in a year. Revenue  chart will display your daily, monthly, and yearly generated revenue. These graphs will almost be accurate, generated on the basis of subscriptions done at your site.

We just want you to have a glance on how these charts look? Here is an example :  PayPlans chart of "Sales" of our JoomlaXi products.


Now, look at "Revenue chart" with respect to time. You can even zoom it as per your requirement.


Benefits of PayPlans Charts :

  • You have progress details in the form of charts whenever you visit PayPlans component. No need to break your head with complex data.
  • No extra settings are required to generate charts and reportings.
  • You have the flexibility to view specific part of chart for more clearance.
  • You don't have to take pain of moving anywhere else than your back-end to just watch your sales and revenue.
  • Display of charts at your choice :
    • You can create any number of instances of PayPlans Charts module to display it on another positions ( excluding PayPlans positions also).
    • Multiple charts can be made to display together at the same time through cloning.

Charts and reporting feature will be available very soon with PayPlans 1.2. So Keep your eyes on 1.2 release and acknowledge us with your feedbacks and ideas about charts.

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