30 October, 2012

Get PayPlans 2.2 Stable

Greetings from Team PayPlans!

Hey friends,remember today’s date? Well you can, look at your Pc's/Laptop's calendar...Yes, it is the date for stable release of PayPlans 2.2. We are pleased to announce the release of PayPlans 2.2 with more features, apps, updated docs, significant performance changes, bug fixes and UI enhancement which you would love to use.

A common saying - “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” So it’s our ongoing team efforts, dedication, determination and customer support which helps us to deliver best services and products on time.

You might be familiar with the features through our previous PayPlans Beta release blog, So let us make you more familiar with that.

  1. One click App Manager:- The most awaited feature that we all were waiting for. Yes,now you can directly install/upgrade/uninstall an app from backend without moving on to the jpayplans.com . The app-manager comes up with simple and user friendly interface. So just click on the credentials option which appear on the toolbar. Fill on the www.jpayplans.com credentials on this and now you are ready to use it. Click on the app you want to install and within a fraction of seconds it is done. Upgrade option will only be available if it’s upgraded version is available. Filtering option is also provided through which you can find the plugins status and you can also search an app through its category.

    App Manager of PayPlans 2.2
  2. Reforming and Restructuring of Backend dashboard:- A dashboard, in general is a simple view of data associated with your site. The goal of the dashboard is to show the trends that is going on or that has been taken place previously.

    PayPlans 2.2 new dashboard full layout

    So to portrait it, a detailed statistics is available for you now. You can see the information related to-
    • Recent transactions
    • Payment gateways
    • Error logs
    • Total Upgrades And Renewals
    • Discount amounts
    • Discount coupon code utilization
    • Total sales
    • Revenues
    • Total active subscribers
      And a lot more on a single screen, yes it is. You can check it out. And now you can also have your statistics data within 2 specified dates, rebuild and refresh the stats data.

      PayPLans 2.2 new dashboard other details layout
  3. New discount:- Discounts has always been a key factor to attract the customers. Apart from the basic discounts, new discount types have been introduced. “The more the merrier”. Admin has now the power to apply discount on:- 
    • On Upgrade
    • On renewal
    • On creation of new invoice.

  4. Date format selection from backend:-Different conventions exists around the world for the date and time representation. So, keeping this in mind and the customer’s demand we have added options to choose the date format from backend.

  5. Performance improvement:- To reduce the loading time, PayPlans now uses “File tree caching” rather than searching file every time. Also, you would be happy to know that PayPlans is now tested with 6 million users. For this we have made some core level changes also.

  6. Updated Documentation:-To help you in better understanding of PayPlans, apps and to answer the questions that generally appears in customer’s mind, docs have been updated accordingly. Docs updation is in progress and will be done soon.

Whats Next????

Our Next release list will come up with much more functionality and features. Here are some features which we have planned to do:-

  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.0
  • Professional Coloured invoice with SVG images
  • Log Dumping
  • Improved installation process....
    And many more which is yet to come. We are not done with the wishlist of next release so, if you want any other functionality then, you can also share your ideas with us.

So, what are you waiting for. Go and get ready to use PayPlans and ends up all your anxiety. Also let us know what you feel about it. And if you have any query related to it, then feel free to ask. In the meantime we promise to work more harder to give our best services as customer satisfaction is our prime goal.

Happy PayPlanning...

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