29 June, 2011

Future PayPlans Release Strategy

In the short span of last few releases, we have continuously tried to avail large number of excellent features with every release of PayPlans. Hope, you'll all surely be enjoying its damn easy user interface. Well now it's time to bring some changes in our release strategy. Yeah, we decided to move PayPlans more towards perfection.

PayPlans 1.0 release is scheduled on coming 4th July . After PayPlans 1.0, we will continue to target our PayPlans upgraded version's releases in every month-end but with a small change in procedure. Till now, we were focussing more on providing new features but from next month onwards, focus will be shifted a little bit .

Summarising our planning for release process:-

1. Enhancements in existing features will be more.

2. One or two key Features will be provided step by step with every release.

3. Every increment in PayPlans will offer improved user interface.

This method is opted keeping our customer's requirements in mind . So now everything in PayPlans will be more precise, specific, obvious, self-explanatory and available to you at scheduled release date without letting you wait for a release.

Now, lets take a quick glance over what's going inside development section. PayPlans 1.0 is being structured to introduce :-

  • Recursive payment through paypal
  • Compatibility with Joomla 1.6 also
  • Enhanced logs and history

So a lot has been happening in PayPlans 1.0, just stay tuned with us to get it very soon. Till then, experience PayPlans 0.9 and let us know how are you finding PayPlans in each and every release.

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