31 August, 2012

Exciting discovery at PayPlans !!!

Hi! Friends...

This is Shyam, I am the founder of PayPlans. If you have recently visited the pricing page, you might have observed few significant variations. I am here to share the same experience with all of you and our Joomla! Community.

We introduced a new pricing tier for premium version of PayPlans, 18$ per month.

  • It was a dry run for limited period.
  • The sole purpose of the dry run was to check the variations in lowering the entry-barrier for PayPlans. We planned the variation keeping in mind a helping hand for the start ups.
  • First time in the history of Joomla extension, we tried this small recurring payment for a component.
  • It was really a small amount for an extension which earns money for you, backed by even greater support team. Yes, a greater support team.

We kept the floodgates opened for almost 2 weeks and I found some revelation about general consumer behaviour. Allow me to share my finding with you.

  • Once a product is charged recurly, it is presumed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
  • Most Joomla! customers do not want to pay recurly for extensions.
  • Charging lower no doubt increases the amount of customers but ultimately increases the product support cost.
  • Most customers prefer to invest a genuine amount in a product. In return, customer receives first class support, growth and benefits over the time.

Now, what next?

PayPlans Standard version is now unavailable for new purchases.

  • Now customer needs not to dig differences between Standard and Premium plans.
  • It will also simplify the management of update releases and allow us quality time to spend at support on our end.
  • We are now offering the people’s choice “The Premium Plan” at affordable price for masses.
  • The reduced cost is of $99 for 6-months with its full feature and awesome support.
  • It will lower the entry cost of PayPlans for prospective customers.
  • Same edition will provide a wide range of benefits to customers.

Accomplishments for the existing STANDARD PLAN USERS.

  • Current standard users will continue to receive the services as before.
  • They can upgrade to Premium plan at any point of time.
  • New customers can't choose to subscribe for Standard plan of PayPlans.

Our happiness solely lies in your satisfaction and I can guarantee you that we at PayPlans strive for it ceaselessly. In case, you have any sort of questions or concerns please comment below or you can personally mail me at [email protected]

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