28 June, 2012

Enjoy Instant Discounts On like and Follow!

It is our deep pleasure to inform you that, now you can enjoy ample amount of discounts even on your single clicks . So, its JUST CLICK AND ENJOY DISCOUNTS .

From now you can enjoy a total compoundable discount of 5% at Facebook Like"Google+"Like"and following at Twitter.

This is applicable to each of our plans -Standard, Premium, Professional.You can avail these discounts  at our invoice confirmation page only through simple click!

Moreover, we should define it as our Mega Discount Offer because it will be active even if any seasonal discount is working .In that case, it will be a discount over discount.

To Enjoy Discounts BUY PayPlans.

Discount over discount,click and Discount!

Happy Discounting!

Best regards
Team PayPlans. 

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