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Hemant Sen , 18 December, 2014

We are continuously simplifying our website for ease of use. Earlier we had merged our multiple sites joomlaxi.com and jpayplans.com to readybytes.net so that you can experience all of our Products and Services in an unified manner.

This time, we focused on three complaints raised by customers frequently -

  1. Updating credentials.
  2. Finding product download page.
  3. Renewing subscriptions.

We have redesigned "My Dashboard" section of our website to resolve these three issues. You can access "My Dashboard" from right corner of our website after login as shown below.-

My Dashboard link on Website
My Dashboard link on Website

My Purchase

In this section you can view all your information related to Subscription like status, subscription id, invoice id, supported domain, activation date, expiration date, your subscribed plan name, also you can find download link of subscribed product and renewal link.

My Purchase Section in My Dashboard
My Purchase Section in My Dashboard
Download link in My Purchase
Download link in My Purchase
Renew link in My Purchase Section
Renew link in My Purchase Section
Status of your subscription
Status of your subscription

All Invoice

Here you will find all your invoices that are paid or unpaid. You can also download them from here.

All your Invoices
All your Invoice

Account Setting

You need not to worry about changing password, it is also available to "My Dashboard" section.

Gathered impact

  • 52 percent users like to visit dashboard section form "My Dashboard".
  • There is no more support request for credential change.

What next ?

Support : You will be able to view all of your posted topics and find link to full post.

Alert : Here you will find notifications about app subscription expiration, support timings, availability of support, offers, discounts and much more.

Paid Apps : All your paid apps related information like subscription detail, expiration date is going to be list here.

We always welcome valuable comment that improve your experience . Waiting to hear from you…

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