23 September, 2011

Do more with PayPlans Apps

Many of our customers are waiting for the integration of PayPlans with many other useful components. On their demands, PayPlans 1.2 is coming up with some of the fruitful integrations. Recently, we have done with two more apps which provides integration with K2 and JUGA. Soon you will find K2 and JUGA apps to download.

Here's a short description of the two upcoming apps :-

K2 Plugin and App : Using this pugin, K2 User Group and K2 Category apps can be created. With K2 user group app, you can allow users to be in a particular K2 user group on the basis of their subscription status. With K2 category app, users having active subscription of a plan can be allowed to access certain category and block others.

JUGA Plugin and App : JUGA app allows you to put users into certain JUGA group and remove from certain group as well, on their subscription status basis.

One more integration we are going to provide in PayPlans 1.2 : Integration with CB (Community Builder) for registration process. Integration with Zoo, Kunena, JReview, etc. are in our Roadmap.

Apps by Our Partners

At this point of time, we are pleased to introduce Our Partners who are also efficiently making apps for PayPlans to provide integrations.

Socialables are very active developers of PayPlans Apps. They have created a lot of extensions for Jom Social which are doing well. Till date, 5 useful apps for PayPlans are made available in market by Socialables.

  1. Auto Group App
  2. Buy Karma
  3. Buy AUP
  4. Karma Discount
  5. Conditional Upgrade

Pages-And-Items are efficient developers of Joomla extensions. They have developed a fine app for PayPlans "Frontend User Access App".

You can Follow here on JED to know about all our developer's apps. You can also suggest us and our partner developers for new integrations you need.

WelCome App Developers

We would like to welcome developers who are keen interested in making apps for PayPlans. Being a PayPlans App Developers, you can enjoy following benefits :

  • Rest assured regarding our workflow, quite simple and easy going.
  • PayPlans free kit will be available to you with every nightly updates.
  • Full support from PayPlans Team.
  • Promotion of your site and apps in all possible ways.
  • We have a plan to create an App Store in upcoming days.

Interested Developers can contact us at [email protected]

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