06 May, 2011

Display Contents of your Choice : PayPlans

Many a time, you would like to display messages or contents of your choice in membership/subscription systems but your subscription system didn't allow you to do this. Often it happens that we want to add some content on our existing page or sometimes we want to replace the whole existing contents of a page with that of ours but such a flexibility is hard to find in any subscription system.

Now with PayPlans 0.8.0, you can add any message or any supplementary information of your choice on any existing page of PayPlans. For example: You can customize thanks message of PayPlans. And not only messages, any image or links can also be displayed. In other words, you can write whole HTML for your contents.Now what else?? Replacement!!! Yes, whole content of any existing page can be replaced. How?

Content App, one more addition in Apps, allows your users to see the contents of your choice in PayPlans. Whatever described above, all is possible through Content App. What you need to do is just to write content and to choose page and position where you want to display the written content. The only restriction is that you can't insert any page or pop-up any window to display contents.

Feel such a great flexibility with PayPlans 0.8.0 and let us know how you find this increment in PayPlans. We look forward to hear your views soon.

Some more thing are yet to come in Content App. Road-map of Content App :

1. Rewriter for Content App : If you want to display any dynamic information (like selected plan-name) to respective users, then rewiter makes it possible for you.

2. Display Any Article : You will be able to fetch and display any of your already written Joomla website article  in PayPlans through Content App.

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