05 August, 2012

Bond: Friendship Bond

Days of friendship bands are gone old. Introducing a new concept: "Bond!: Friendship Bond"

Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!!! On this friendly occasion, in a friendly environment, with a friendly product (PayPlans) we are bonding you to us with a newly designed website.

 It is making the day special because it is, 

  • User Friendly,
  • Search Engine Friendly,
  • Performance Friendly,
  • Mobile Device Friendly,
  • Laptop & Desktop Friendly,
  • Tablet Friendly,
  • Eco Friendly (consumes less power and processing time to load)
  • Exists the friendly support,
  • Exists the friendly product (PayPlans),
  • Exists the friendly development team,
  • Exists the friendly discount schemes,
  • Exists the friendly communication, and,
  • Exists the same friendly you and same friendly us...

We hope that you will like the new concept & the looks. Your forever trust on us has gone nowhere, it has just been presented in new mould.

Once again, Happy Friendship Day! Keep laughing and keep enjoying.

Well, just for now we are going to hangout with friends. Soon 'll return to you with some more electrifying and friendly updates of PayPlans.

Happy PayPlanning!

Whisper: Trust me, this website is much more friendly, by the time we will let you know the height of its friendly nature (Just Kidding) ;)

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