Behind the Scene - Design and Evolution of PayCart and its Logo

Rimjhim Jain , 09 August, 2014

Introducing Logo

We’re proud to present logo of our upcoming product “PayCart”. We have put our experience and knowledge to turn out this logo into a recognizable icon. It's not just a logo, its a icon which has been designed to represent and visually convey what Paycart is all about.

This logo represent deep inside of our vision, its innovation includes unique ideas of our employees and our customers. Each part of product has special significance and we will describe some of them.

Paycart is designed and developed as per user’s behavior and environment. In other words, the paycart technology automatically respond to the user’s preferences. And in logo different colorful pieces with white space Illustrate the extensive flexibility & adaptability of the PayCart.

PayCart Logo

Its colour define the character of our product and team. Red implies action, Green implies freshness, Yellow implies fun, Blue implies security, trust, and productivity. The four primary colors of logo describe itself the relation with joomla community.

The shape of cart is a sign of real shopping experience.

We are focused on doing great work. We design things that people love and can’t stop to share it.

We believe that we match our vision to our customers, now ball is in your court - get engaged and comment other hidden points of our logo.

Steps we follow to develop PayCart :-

3 things are most important aspects for developing any product, idea generation, data analyzation and its implementation.

Idea Generation :-

Before implementing our idea we have put out some questions to ourself :-

  • What features does customer want ?
  • What specific benefits does a customer want a new product to include ?
  • How to differentiate our product from the competition ?

Data Collection & Analyzation : -

  • Have post a survey for users input.
  • Created a group for public discussion for active participation of customers.

On the basis of all these we analyze and consider the result to develop paycart with our innovation which need the meet of tomorrow’s customers.

Implementation of Core architecture

Our research enforces us to build paycart as an extensive flexibility & adaptability product for which we have devoted sufficient time on building up core architecture.

In this phase we have focused on all major entities of a shopping cart i.e. category, product, attributes, cart, payment Transactions, Tax , and Discount.

To get a complete feel of cart system we have done symmetric work in other supplementary entities also i.e variants, groups, country, state, address etc.

Does Paycart meet today’s market demand ?

# Frontend Interface - Paycart plays complete justice to the term multimedia and responsiveness. Its built with Mobile friendly template which will work in multiple environment and layouts. Now you can grab the opportunity of visitor from any gadget, simply one product for all devices.

# Backend Interface - Its developed with the ability to combine both beautiful design and functionality which customers can utilized. Rethink and Focused on creating sleek interface by which admin can manage his/ her online shop.

Now, what comes next ?

# Shipping : Will work on another major entity ie Shipping after which you will be able to apply shipping methods and rates.

# Quality Testing : As paycart is developed with responsiveness, so before delivering it to customer we want to make sure that it will it work properly in all gadgets ie web, mobile , tablet. So our team started doing deeper testing in all relevant devices, with major browser and servers as its key role.

# Unit Testing : Developers will start working on automated testing of the core and other essential entities which will provides consistency and increase our product manageability, efficiently and effectively.

# Landing Page : To get the answer of how our product solve your problem, we are building a standalone landing page of our product which itself speak all the benefits, objective and features of paycart . Will launch it very soon.

# Documentation : Will provide documentation which will help customers to evolve product features and functionality information in right manner. It help to understand product easily and make business processes more reliable.

Share your comment w.r.t our logo and newly introduced product.

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