5 Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Business grows only when customers are satisfied and happy

Shyam Sundar Verma , 30 June, 2015

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Michael LeBoeuf

We, the team Ready Bytes not only believe in developing high quality products, but also believe in delivering customer service excellence. We strive continuously to serve our customers better. Our aim is to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

In this blog, I am sharing the best practices we have been following and improving over the time to make our customers happy.

Thorough Product Training

Unless you know your product from inside out, you can not help your customers. Customers may not expect a product to be perfect but they do expect you to fix it when it is not working well. In order to fix a problem, one need complete knowledge. Therefore, we provide in-depth training of the product to our team members from functionality to the code level details. One must know the nuances of installation, configuration and customization.

We also maintain common questions from customers and common scenarios where customers need assistance for a product. Using knowledge base effectively is the key to good quality support. Our team knows how to search knowledge base and how to keep it up-to-date.

Process Orientation

We need a well-organized process in place to offer quality support consistently. We follow the step-by-step process to resolve the issues raised by customers. We follow guidelines about how to acknowledge and respond to an issue, how to ask for details or questions, how to offer right solution with complete details.

We also follow process to maintain solutions in knowledge base to reuse the information in future.

Seek Information

We encourage our team to ask relevant questions to customers to get complete detail of the issue. One must understand the issue well before providing a solution.

Time is of the essence in support, so we ask questions and respond to customers timely. Whenever required, we follow up properly with the customers to make sure the issue is resolved.

Respect Customer’s Privacy

Customer’s privacy must never be compromised. If we need access for issue investigation, we ask for permission for access and installation. Never fiddle with customer’s data and revert site in same state as before. Use direct messages for sharing sensitive data, never put sensitive data on public forum.

Right Attitude

Attitude and soft skills are of utmost importance in providing great customer support. An attitude to serve customers in the best way possible is essential. At times, we have to go out of the way and walk few extra miles to help customers.

Soft skills also play a major role. Active listening is required to understand customer’s problem. Effective interpersonal skills and communication skills are required in having smooth conversation. Assertiveness skills are required in keeping the communication streamlined. Above all, team spirit is what makes everything go smooth in tough times.

We have acquired these best practices over the time with experience. We learnt from our mistakes; appreciations and kind words from customers kept us going. We still thrive for customer service excellence and keep improving our process and guidelines to achieve it.

These are the best practices we followed and our customers loved it. They showed their satisfaction through their reviews for our products.

If you would like to share your experience or add any more practices that helped you achieve customer service excellence, do share with us in comments.

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