2Checkout is New Payment Partner of Ready Bytes

A strong ally for perfect eCommerce solutions

Shyam Sundar Verma , 31 August, 2015

I am pleased to announce our partnership with one of the most trusted, most popular and most versatile payment solutions provider of the world, i.e. 2Checkout.

2Checkout is a truly global online payment processing system, that accepts credit cards, PayPal and debit cards. It is very simple to implement and yet powerful enough with 300+ fraud prevention rules built over the 17 years of operations.

Ready Bytes feels great to offer such a power packed payment gateway to our customers. Yes, our products are also integrated with 2Checkout. PayCart, PayPlans and PayInvoice now offer free integrated app for 2Checkout payment gateway.

What values does this partnership bring to Ready Bytes’ Customers?

  • Go Global - With 25 currencies,which includes your favourites USD, Euro, Pound, Indian Rupee etc and with 15 languages supported by 2Checkout, along with acceptance of multiple payment channels, it can help you grow your business in unexplored markets. While you can accept payments globally, your customers will still get a local buying experience.

  • Secure and Trusted Payments - With a strong fraud prevention system built over 17 years, 2Checkout is a proven payment system for secure transactions.

  • Mobile-friendly - With emerging eCommerce on smart devices, it is essential for a payment solution to support mobile devices. And, I am happy to say that 2Checkout won’t disappoint you here.

  • Free App for Easy Integration- 2Checkout payment gateway can be established very easily with Ready Bytes’ eCommerce products. PayCart, PayPlans and Payinvoice integrated apps are freely available with active subscription of products.

  • Sign-up for FREE - It only takes a minute or two - then you’re ready to accept payments globally and offering a local buying experience to your customer. Above all, you can sign up for free to expand your business.

We expect this partnership will enrich over the time and provide additional value to our esteemed customers. Looking forward for a strong and successful partnership between 2Checkout and Ready Bytes!

Do drop us a comment if you would like to know more on using 2Checkout payment gateway with our eCommerce products i.e. PayCart, PayPlans and PayInvoice.

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